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    settings changing to default every time i reopen the game.

    Every time I exit game then I enter it again after a while I have to go to controller settings and set controller again! Is there a way to make the game save them, so I don't have to go in controller settings every time? Is so frustrating...
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    Fifa 20 gamepad problems

    I try to put buttonDataSetup.ini in Fifa 20 folder from My Documents but the game don't reconise it. It works for Fifa 20 Demo but for full game it won't. What am I doing wrong? It wasn't there at all after installation anyways but I need it because X360 causes my game to shuttering if I enable...
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    Control Settings

    Hi, I want to remap my buttons, so, for example, for X wich has "contain" for defend and "pass" for attack to assign "sliding tackle" or "jockey" for defend and let "pass" untouched. Is that possible somehow? Because if I move "contain to another button it moves "pass" there automatically too...
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    Demo Won't Start With Gamepad

    I have an instant crash right at Messi screenshot. I tryed to replace buttonDataSetup.ini and rename to buttonData.ini from fifa 14 in fifa 15 demo folder and replaced buttonDataSetup.ini documents/ fifa15 in demo folder with the one from fifa 14. Same result. Even changed the name in registry...
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    Fifa 15 Gamepad configuration mapping

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    Legacy Defending Standing Tackle Button

    Hi guys, is there a way to assign the push/pull standing tackling button from Tactical Defending to Legacy Defending? There is an "UNUSED" button in Legacy Defending and i wander if that is possible, should be nice tho even if it works only against the CPU or in offline games (Fair enough that) :D