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    Need advice on an inexpensive Gold Team I've created

    Hey guys, my Ultimate team has evolved from a crappy silver/gold/bronze team to a cheap gold team. I'm very competitive with all teams I play against due to team speed even if they're 7 rating points better than me in each category (off/mid/def) however my team is not scoring enough to compete...
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    Ultimate Team Discussion

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    Ultimate Team Discussion

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    Short to intermediate lofted/chipped through balls

    How do I play a lofted/chipped through ball? What are the control inputs? Is it just to tap the lofted pass or do I need a bumper as well? I'm using assisted.
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    Online Head to head question re: player abilities

    Last night I was playing with Man U. In my 2nd match I was tinkering with positions and formations and slotted them into the 4-2-2-2. I arranged Park and Nani at the defensive mid positions and proceeded to get back and search for an opponent when I saw that my team ranking for midfield was...
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    Help with Crosses/corners

    I'm trying hard to get better at corners and I noticed that my players are staying back so that the ball will arrive at their feet and not attacking to play a headder. Is there any trick to this, any setting/button I should use or do I have to take control of the player and change their...
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    What a difference style of play makes (team and formation/settings)

    Man, I have been in search of the team that I want to play with as I've had the most success with the ultra defensive formation and approach with USA but looking at stats and just the feel of the game, I'm not really a threat on the offensive end, However I've found new life (offensively) with...
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    Online head to head leagues

    Guys, I have just a few questions about this (my favorite) mode in the game: the Online Head to Head leagues. I'm a new player struggling to get out of div 10. I've never played soccer games before so I've had a steep learning curve.... I'm getting better and really enjoying this league...
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    Controller not working in practice mode

    Has anyone heard of or experienced the controller not working ONLY in practice mode? When it goes to kaka on field and then even when I try to select set plays or 1v1 or other practice modes, the controller won't work and I get stuck in practice. Any hints or fixes out there?
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    Chelsea strategy for online league

    Hey guys, I'm a new player... about 15 games into my fifa career...and things are going well, Ive won about a quarter of my games. Tied another quarter. I really enjoying this game. I posted on this forum last week asking for some guidance as to what to do first to get better and thanks to...
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    New player wanting an outline for success

    Hey guys, I'm new here and basically new to soccer games. I played Wii Fifa WC... I understand basics of soccer but have lots to learn (I love watching english's premier league and enjoy having a team with certain skills and trying to coach/play to their advantages). I have Fifa 12 for the PC...