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  1. philipe89

    What's The Best Gameplay Mode?

    In your opinion, which one of gameplay mods is the best? I would like to install a gameplay mode but dunno which one... I would like a realistic gameplay but not too hard to play... I don't play so good in the Legendary default so I don't need a more difficult game...
  2. philipe89

    Manager Mode crashing in transfers

    hi ppl.. my fifa12 is crashing in manager mode anytime i try to find a player in any config of search.. do u guys know why this is happening?!
  3. philipe89

    HELP: Season 2011/2012

    hi guys, how can I choose the season to begin in 2011 and not in 2010?! in CM i can't change the closing date to 2012.. ;/
  4. philipe89

    [Help] What is the most updated db patch?

    hi guys.. i am searching a patch that update the FIFA10 to this winter transfers.. if the patch have more teams, nice.. if dont, its good.. ;D thx.. ;D