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  1. Simonetos

    Isuue with Kit Previewer in Frosty Editor

    Hi... I have this issue with Kit Previewer in Frosty Editor any idea with is this happening? Thank you for your time!!!
  2. Simonetos

    Play using FIWC Stadium!!!

    Any idea how can I play in FIWC Stadium??? I have already unlock all stadiums using DB Master, I have set FIWC Stadium as my home using CM16, but when I start a game I see an other stadium instead of FIWC Stadium!!! Thank you in advance!!!
  3. Simonetos

    There Will Be FIFA 17 Forum This Year?

    Dear admins, There will be FIFA 17 forum this year? If the answer is yes, when do you plan to place it? Thank you for your time!!!
  4. Simonetos

    Advertisements Make The Forum Uglier and Harder To Use!!!

    Soccer gaming forums getting uglier and uglier and harder to use with all these advertises "flying" here and there, please do something!!! It also takes more time to load...
  5. Simonetos

    [Tutorial] How To Import High Quality Crests

    First of all and if you don't already have it, you'll need Photoshop and DDS Utilities from here. Do the following steps only at first time: 1. Download my FIFA16 CRESTS.psd file from here and my FIFA [CRESTS].atn from here. 2. Open FIFA16 CRESTS.psd. 3. Don't delete or rename any of existing...
  6. Simonetos

    FMH Beta Site Released

    Greetings to everybody!!! :) Today, officially released beta site... You can "take a walk" there and tell me your opinion. Thank you for your time!!!
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    Simonetos® Kits

  8. Simonetos

    FIFA Madness Hellas - Fantasy Patch 2015

    Dear friends, after countless hours of hard work, I am very pleased to introduce to you, my new "One Man Patch" the FMH Fantasy Patch 2015. PATCH DETAILS Before you install FMH fantasy patch it could be better, but not necessary, to have a pure installation of FIFA 15. Εither way, FMH...
  9. Simonetos

    Disable Skills Challenges Before Match

    Greetings guys!!! :ewan: There is any way to disable Skills Challenges before matches??? Thank you for your time!!! :jap:
  10. Simonetos

    FIFA 15 Background Issue After Edit!!!

    After I edit FIFA's background image, using of course the initial resolution for every image in backgroundfifa.big file, I get an image crop issue. Here is what I mean... Original Background: Edited Background: The funny thing is that this issue appears only in 16:10 aspect ratio...
  11. Simonetos

    FIFA Madness Hellas Patch

  12. Simonetos

    Controls Issues In FIFA 15 Demo

    Hello guys!!! Any idea why FIFA15 demo can't save my changes in controls options? Anybody with the same issue? Thank you in advance!!!
  13. Simonetos

    Manager Creation Question

    Hello guys!!! I am trying to make some Managers and I have some help!!! For every Manager there is two files that we should export from data3.big. Something like manager_x_x_x.rx3 and manager_x_x_x_x_textures.rx3. As I know, first file is the model and second is the texture. Using File Master...
  14. Simonetos

    Skin Tones & Tattoos Without Revolution Mod

    Some intro first... Those past days, I am trying to get help from soccergaming on how can we add tattoos & skintones with no Mod installed. Like Revolution Mod for example. Nobody helped me, plus that I had to post this thread three times. Again and again and again... After few minutes...
  15. Simonetos

    How To Create Second Free Agents Team

    Hello guys!!! Using CM14 I have make a second team in to Free Agents "League". After I create this team, when I test it in to the game, I see that it has 44 players limit like all other teams and it can't shown in career mode when I search for players. Any Idea how can I make it act like Free...