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  1. Dropkick_Murphy

    Looking for a tournament editing tutorial

    Can someone please provide a tournament editing tutorial. How to replace teams in tournaments etc.
  2. Dropkick_Murphy

    Dropkick Murphy Kits

    My first Kit pack. Netherlands Euro 2012 Home Kit (collar 0)
  3. Dropkick_Murphy

    Euro 2020 Patch

    Is anyone interested in making a Euro 2020 patch with qualifiers and the final round? I have started gathering players that have been called upto their national teams and once I'm done I'll start converting their attributes from Football Manager 2019 (those that aren't in Fifa 20). I can also do...
  4. Dropkick_Murphy

    Blank database?

    I was wondering if there is a posibility to have a blank database? No teams, no players, no tournaments just blank everything so I could start from scratch?
  5. Dropkick_Murphy

    Dropkick_Murphy's Mods

    My first ever mod for FIFA 20. A TV Watermark from a TV station in my country (Slovenia) which has the rights to broadcast Champions League games. Download Link:
  6. Dropkick_Murphy

    Dropkick_Murphy's Kits

    INDEX RETRO KITS WORLD CUP 1998 Brazil 1998 World Cup France 1998 World Cup EURO 2000 Netherlands Euro 2000 England Euro 2000 France Euro 2000 Belgium Euro 2000 Spain Euro 2000 Denmark Euro 2000 Yugoslavia Euro 2000 Slovenia Euro 2000 Germany Euro 2000 Romania Euro 2000 Turkey Euro 2000...