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  1. ChungaHungry

    QotW: What's the verdict on Video Assistant Referee (VAR) so far?

    Goal-line technology seems to be going well. VAR, on the other hand, has been a divisive topic. We've had "experiments" in the Club World Cup, the U-20 World Cup, and now the Confederations Cup. It's correctly overturned some decisions, but it's been controversial with others, and problematic...
  2. ChungaHungry

    Expanded World Cup

    There's been a lot of negative publicity in the English language media about FIFA being typically money hungry in expanding the World Cup. But it's a fantastic thing for nations that have not qualified before. There are always shocks amongst the customary drubbings, but creating a pathway to...
  3. ChungaHungry

    Conte's comments on the Chinese Super League

    Amidst all the bids from China and ensuing transfers, the issue that got to me was hearing about Conte calling the Cristiano Ronaldo offer 'not right': "I don't want to trust in this. I don't want to believe in this, because, I think, we are talking about an amount of money which is not right.''...