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    Size of the pitch!!!

    Where I can resize the pitch. I want to change the size of the pitch.. Please tell me!
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    New Training Stadium for FIFA 2004 by Kuciapa :)

    Hi! I made New Urban Training Stadium!!Stadion will appear on :crazyboy: You can see screens bellow: :crazyboy: I wait for your comments!
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    New match in fifa 2004!!!

    Hi! I'm working now. In next week you'll see new match for fifa 2004 demo. (LEGIA - Wisla) Are you want other matches?? [removed pointless image attachment] [email protected] :mrpimp:
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    New stadium by me!!!

    Hi! This is new stadium made by me!! You can download this file from there: ->> DOWNLOAD <<- Screens: I'm waiting for reply!!!