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    Does there is here a Czech?

    Impressive, but if he were to register a claim with the Office how does he Czech on his query?
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    100 Years Old Colour Photos

    Excellent photos. Stunning detail considering they're a century old!
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    North Korea will launch a rocket

    Ace statement! (H)
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    Pop quiz

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    Best pick up lines

    *Lick finger and wipe it on her blouse* "Let’s get you out of those wet clothes" "Let's play French Military, I lie down and you blow the f*ck out of me" "I can't say I know much about flowers but you can put your two lips round me cock" (Tulips, geddit? (H)) "Fancy going halfers on a...
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    Animal Experimentation

    Personally I would never buy any goods that haven't been tested on animals. How do I know that that I can trust my deodorant without it knowing how it reacts when sprayed in a hare's eyes? It's a risk frankly not worth taking. Rob's point on privatizing endangered species is a superb one...
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    Hillsborough: 20 years on.

    God rest the souls of the 96.
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    Oh my, you have upset Phil the Greek. Expect a visit from MI5.
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    Were you on the Royal Mile by any chance whilst conducting your dignified interviews?
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Jealous that he's good, haha (H) I'll give him credit when he has instinctive saves or 1 on 1s as he's very good with those. But there is much more to goalkeeping than simply that and he's been so poor with handling, kicking etc since he's been at Celtic. A lot of Celtic's dropped points this...
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Boruc is an utter disaster of a goalkeeper. That's at least his fifth ridiculously sh*t error that cost him a goal this season alone (and many more clangers he got away with too). If you extended it out to his entire career you could probably make a DVD of all his f*ck ups. It's not just that...
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Artur Boruc is my new favourite person on this planet. :D DmhO73UuC4E
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    Soccer Is Ruining America

    From a country that produced David Obua you certainly can't talk. He should be charged under the Geneva Convention for torturing anyone who watches him play football.
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    Maradona \o His conduct since retiring has convinced me he is the best player who ever lived.
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    Chris Brown - Criminal Tw*t!

    Pic of Rihanna right after the incident has found its way into media hands: Legit too. LAPD have launched an investigation into the leak, and that was taken soon after so the bruising had yet to manifest. What I'm disgusted at is it appears he's allegedly drawn Roman numerals on her...
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    Now I Want You to See who is Hamas.

    It's a phenomenally emotive, complex issue, and ultimately neither side will concede that they are in the wrong, though my two cents are that Israel is correct to defend herself from constant attacks. The reality is that emotion cannot be left out of this argument; for those with a vested...
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    Ramon Calderón

    Sid Lowe's blog on The Guardian website ripping him (and Marca) to shreds: Bloody hell, I knew he was a plank but some of that is unreal! I forgot about the Nicolas Cage incident as well, snyuk snyuk. (H)
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    I'm missing you already, George. Please come back, we truly had the glory years under you. xxx :(