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    Developing A Formula For Rating Retired Players

    Hi guys, Anyone interested in this project? I have a working Excel formula in development for determining a retired player's overall rating out of 100. What I mean exactly by "overall rating" is sort of like a power score; the player's overall accomplishments during his football career...
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    klear's Non-League Teams

    I'm making an unnamed patch and using this thread to showcase my kit designs. I'll only be making CREATED teams for the foreseeable future, No tweaking of already-made kits or anything like that. Everything I make will be my own work from scratch. I'm very busy right now so I'm making...
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    My first kits 12/13 - Fleetwood Town Home

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    FM2012 to FIFA 12 Converter

    old and outdated
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    Face Emporium

    David Edwards - Wolves
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    English Lower League Mod

    So i've decided to tweak the lower leagues of England because the FIFA default stats are ludicrous. I'm going to tweak everything I can to try and get it as close to real life as possible. I was only going to do it for my own personal pleasure but have decided to offer it to the wider community...
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    Anyone interested in a huge football project?

    I run a website that allows anyone to rate and review any player that exists in our database. It's a very new site but the idea and design of the site is very good. I am looking for a few Editors to run and review players in their chosen section. For example, if you choose England then you...
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    Huge England database update.

    With FM11 just around the corner, I have decided to release my huge England database update for FIFA MANAGER 10! I have spent over 60 hours working on this update and tweaking various items. I feel happy to bring it to you now as it is. This update features: - Promotions/Relegations for...
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    *BRAND NEW* Face site coming soon...

    I'm working on a new face site solely dedicated to PES. I have been working on it for about 2 weeks now and it's finally taking shape. I predict that it will be officially opened in a few weeks. Some features: -Ability to submit your own face -Ability to rate each face -Ability to comment...
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    What's the AI like?

    Started playing the new PES last month and took it back to the shop within a week. The AI is completely unresponsive and doesn't know how to close me down or exploit the weak points in my tactics at all. It's like it only knows one way to play and if you figure it out it's exceptionally simple...
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    Faces by Klear

    Gareth Bale:
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    Anyone made any celebrities faces?

    I've checked out Difox's 50cent and Dennis Rodman but I cant find anymore. If anyone knows of more then please share them. :rockman:
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    > Faces by Klear <

    I made quite a few for PES5 but this is my first for 6. I hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more. ;) Preview:
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    PES Playing Cards -- An idea...

    Yeh, as most ideas usually start I was bored and this idea just popped into my head. I was thinking about designing some playing cards with the stats off PES. It's quite ingenious really because you can play PES without actually playing PES. (H) Anyway, I have made some drafts as a base to...
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    Question regarding player pics...

    Hey guys, having a bit of trouble with the player pics. I made one for Vagner Love and saved it as a .tga file, saved it to user\picture as loveva11061984 but it wont show in the game. I also made one for Patrick Muller, Fred and Benzema but none will show. I read Proxnets guide and have...
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    Euro 2008 Qualifying - Groups Drawn.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in the midst of all this World Cup talk but I thought i'd post them: Group A Belgium Finland Poland Portugal Serbia and Montenegro Azerbaijan Armenia Kazakhstan Group B France Italy Scotland Faroe Islands Lithuania Georgia...
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    Patch Collaboration!

    So, is there anyone out there who wants to work on a patch with me? I basically need 2/3 face makers, kit makers and maybe a stadium maker. I am planning to release a Complete International Patch for PES5 that will include as many nations as humanly possible, working my way down from FIFA's...
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    My game just cuts off to the desktop when im loading a match. I have installed the 1.1 patch. What am I doing wrong?
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    It's official...Sheva to Chelsea

    Shevchenko has just signed for Chelsea for a reported £34million. It'll be the Premiership, then the World for Chelsea.
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    U21 Championship Patch [New Screens]

    So, i'd thought i'd do an U21 patch for the current Championships in Portugal. I have already done France faces and kits and am working my way through the stats. I will keep you all updated but I have some screenshots for my work so far... More to come...