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    Still Alive Kits Season 10-11

    Hi guys New season,new thread Again converting kits to fifa 08
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    I need help CSKA Moscow kits

    hi guys I have a problem with CSKA Moscow 2010 kitpack from Tima55 it is a .exe file and I can't extract the .png files Somebody can help me and post the .png? please and thanks in advances
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    Hey guys I have a big problem my game crash when it's loading a match I instaled new kits but the problem appear when i install GK kit with out GK kits the match load perfect i work with kit raptor and CM 08 please some help it's drive me crazy
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    It's not dead Kits 09-10

    Hi Guys I'm not kitmaker I resize kits from fifa 09 and add the template All credits to kitmakers like HSV Balti,Fifa 4fans,Sundsvall,Al Pacino.Tima55 Special thanks to Pede54 from Fifa 05 a really great guy Well i hope you enjoy