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    CL : Spartak Moscow vs Bayern Munich [P+R]

    There was thread for this game, so I'm making one quick vs Playing in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow Lineups Spartak: Aleksei Zuev; Roman Shishkin, Geder, Martin Jiránek, Martin Stranzl; Vladimir Bystrov, Mozart, Yegor Titov, Radoslav Kováč, Denis Boyarintsev; Roman Pavlyuchenko...
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    [CL 1/4 Finals - 1st Leg] Chelsea vs Bayern München - [P]+[R]

    VS Quarter-finals 06 April 2005 20:45 (CET) Stamford Bridge - London Match Preview DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVE MATCH PREVIEW VIDEO NEWSFEED Hitzfeld slams Mourinho planetfootball via Sky Sports 16:50 Bayern's Makaay optimistic on fitness to face Chelsea Yahoo! Sports...
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    The Jewish Reggae Man ! :funny: The guy has mad skills (Y)
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    [CL - Second Leg] Arsenal vs Bayern München - [P]+[R]

    VS THE REVENGE Round of 16 - Second Leg March 9th 2005 20:45 (CET) Highbury Stadium - London First leg result: Bayern München 3:1 Arsenal Probable line-ups: Arsenal: Lehmann - Laurén, Touré, Senderos, Cole - Vieira, Edu - Ljungberg, Reyes - Bergkamp, Henry Bayern Munich...
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    Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs VfB Stuttgart [P] + [R]

    VS Place in the league : Bayer 04 Leverkusen 5th Win: 11 Loss: 6 Draw: 5 Goals for:against: 41:29 Leading scorer / goals : Dimitar Berbatov / 11 goals VfB Stuttgart 6th Win: 11 Loss: 6 Draw: 5 Goals for:against: 40:28 Leading scorer / goals : Kevin Kuranyi & Cacau / 9...
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    [Request] FC Bayern München SGF Member Banner

    Can you great graphix talents make one for the bayern fans ? Much appreciated (Y)
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    [CL - First Leg] FC Bayern vs Arsenal - [P]+[R]

    VS Round of 16 - First Leg February 22nd 2005 20:45 (CET) Olympiastadion - Munich Countdown to Arsenal - The latest news DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVE MATCH PREVIEW MIRROR LINK #1 MIRROR LINK #2 *** I've uploaded two mirrors because allows 25 downloads before deleting...
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    Everything is GAY! :funny: this kid is fückin nuts what a frustrated :funny:
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    PES4 PC - Online Patch v1.10 Ok.. I don't understand sh!t :funny: I don't know what are the changes. But finally a patch! Any germans out there ?
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    Eid Mubarak, everyone

    Mabrouk! The Ramadan is ended for some (Gulf countries), and it's tomorrow (Sunday) for most of other countries. Here in Montreal it's Sunday. So I wish everyone Mabrouk (congratulations) :) Hope everything went very well for you this month. May God accept your fast and forgive you for...
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    CL: Bayern Munich vs Juventus [P] + [R]

    Bayern Munich vs Juventus Matchday 4 [03/11/2004] VS Kickoff: 20:45 (CET) - 14:45 (EST) Stadium: Olympiastadion - Munich First leg result: Juventus 1:0 Munich Probable line ups: Bayern Munich: Kahn - Görlitz, Lucio, Kovac, Salihamidzic - Sagnol, Ballack, Hargreaves...
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    Math Discrete : Problem

    Anyone know how to resolve these problems ? A, B two couples, A=B if and only if A (ORX) B = Empty Couple Also How to calculate this arithmetic suite 2 + 9 + 16 + 23 + ... + 14 128 1 048 576 + 524 288 + 262 144 + ... + 1 / 1 048 576 Using Math Discrete. Thanks [fingers crossed]
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    Mister Jancker is resurrected

    He scored 6 goals in the 15-0 trashing of Schonberg Amateur :o :o the old mad man is back :p :hump: 19' [0 - 1] C. Nerlinger 44' [0 - 2] F. Zandi 45' [0 - 3] F. Zandi 51' [0 - 4] C. Jancker 54' [0 - 5] S. Teber 57' [0 - 6] S. Teber 58' [0...
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    No more saturday's Bundesliga games on FSW ?

    Look at their schedules for this week and the next. They don't show any bundesliga game saturday morning, as they used to. Damn.. whats happening ? They lost the rights or what ? They'll only show Leverkusen vs Bochum on sunday, and another game next sunday. No more saturday :f***:
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    Hamburger SV vs FC Bayern München - [P] + [R]

    vs Finally :rockman: Our first game, and I hope we trash em. Lineups : Bayern München Kahn – Görlitz, Linke, Demichelis (Lucio), Salihamidzic – Deisler, Frings, Ballack, Zé Roberto – Santa Cruz, Makaay Hamburg Pieckenhagen – Wicky, Reinhardt, van Buyten, Kling –...
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    Your first WE8 Impressions

    What are your first impressions so far ? Well.. for me it's like a big tweaked version of WE7I. New moves, animations and stuff like that, but the gameplay is really the same. One thing I liked is that after a goal kick, players of both teams are running, some back, the others forward. In...
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    Wenger, Hiddink or Zac to take charge of Germany ?

    Germany sound out Wenger Link: Full Report: Germany have sounded out Arsenal's French manager manager Arsene Wenger about taking over from Rudi Voeller as national coach. The 54-year-old Gunners manager, whose...
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    I'm back.. from Hospital

    Hey, I'm back from hospital. I've been away 3 weeks. I had an operation for my right kidney, and fortunatly everything went good. Now i'm pumped like a balloon, cause of that damn serum :) It's good to be back, i'm recovering at home now. I watched the Euro 2004 on their tv. I was half...
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    Werder Bremen v Alemannia Aachen (German Cup Final) [P] + [R]

    Teams for Saturday's German Cup final between Bundesliga champions Werder Bremen and second division Alemannia Aachen at the Olympic stadium: Werder Bremen 1-Andreas Reinke; 7-Paul Stalteri, 5-Valerien Ismael, 6-Frank Baumann, 20-Mladen Krstajic, 27-Christian Schulz; 24-Tim Borowski...
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    FC Bayern Sig Request

    Hey, I made the sig i'm currently using and it's a total crap one :) I know and I feddup to see it. Can you please make a FC Bayern sig with Makaay, Scholl and Ballack, a little bundesliga logo and my blaze "Awax" on it. That would be great, i'm pretty sure you too are feddup to see my poor...