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    Norwegian team pack - we need help!

    Hello. Me and merseyside1892 need your help to be finish with this Norwegian team pack. We will need minikits, kits, banners, logos... and if possible, some faces. If you can do that, say it in this thread. :) And, one more thing, can anyone convert FIFA07-stadiums to this demo? Then we...
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    Change teams?

    Sorry for asking, but I see someone making a Romanian-demo-pack. Is it possible for me to make the same pack, just for Norwegian teams? If so, how?
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    Hepoas' Sig Thread

    Ok, I will try again with some new signatures. I have been practicing since last time, and my latest work was a sig of Andreas Thorkildsen, the Norwegian javelin olympic champion. Tell me what you think are good, and bad, and I will come up with some new soon.
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    CL third round: Schalke 04 - Atlético Madrid

    When the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round draw was made, the tie that stood out was FC Schalke 04 against Club Atlético de Madrid, and as they prepare to meet in the first leg on Wednesday in Gelsenkirchen, both teams are more than aware of the obstacle that faces them as they...
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    Atlético Madrid [2008/2009]

    Club Atlético de Madrid Vicente Calderón Team shirt 08/09 Squad: Goalkeepers Falcon, Franco, Coupet (new) Defenders Seitardis, Lopez, Pernia, Eller, Ze Castro, Perea, Pablo, Valera, Heitinga (new), Ujfalusi (new) Midfielders R. Garcia, Motta, Santana, L...
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    Atlético Madrid to Champions League

    We're back! We are back in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! What a GREAT season this have been. Congratulations to ALL Atlético Madrid fans all over the world! This is our NIGHT!
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    Norwegian Tippeligaen 2008

    Who will win this year? Bookmakers think is 6 teams who can win. Rosenborg, Brann, Vålerenga, Viking, Stabæk and Lillestrøm. 1. fixture 29. march 19:00 Vålerenga – Aalesund 30. march 18:00 Molde – Stabæk 18:00 Lillestrøm – Tromsø 18:00 Viking – Strømsgodset 18:00 Bodø/Glimt –...
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    Mediterranean International Football Cup 08

    Many of the biggest teams youth teams playing here, here is a list of which teams who are left: Youth: Cassá - Bescanó 0-1 Kashiwa Reysol - Bærum SK 3-0 Sel Nac Brasil - ST Ignasi Esportiu 2-0 Ajax - EF Gironés-Sábat 1-0 Sel Nac México - CE Sant Gabriel 2-0 CD La Floresta - FE Palamós 0-0 (4-3...
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    No EURO, no cry

    We didn't make it this time either. But I don't feel sad. Im just upset. We were close this time. I also feel sorry for England, Finland, Scotland, Bulgaria and Serbia. This is a thread probably just for us who didn't make it. Think about this. Now we can sit home and laugh of the guys who is...
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    Turkey - Bosnia [P+R]

    Are you gonna crack again, Turkey?
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    Sig request

    Hope someone will try to make something out of him. I hope you can use the blue/red/white color, since it is our colors. His name is Martin Andresen.
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    Norway - Turkey [P+R]

    I know it is a little bit early for this one. But it is a big game for us. Finally can we reach EURO again. With an victory - we are ready. With an draw - we only need to beat Malta. Go Norway - We're back, and we're not tourists on a trip.
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    Bosnia - Norway [P + R]

    Bosnia v Norway in Sarajevo. Is 0-1 to the break. Norway are now in Euro 2008! But it's two matches left, of course. Thanks to Greece who beat Turkey tonight. 1. Greece 2. Norway (If they win) 3. Turkey (If Norway win). Next match will be Norway - Turkey. Norway will advance to...
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    Need help! How can I make a animation out of a .avi file?? this goal by Thorvaldsson.
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    La Liga: Barcelona - Atlético

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    When you win...

    ... the league or cup, why can't you see them receive the trophy like they do on PES? Is so dissapointment. If you have work hard to win the league, I almost demand it.
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    Sig request. Sergio Agüero

    I hope someone will try to make it. :) Cheers. 300
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    FIFA 2008 (PS3) change language

    I have just got the game, and it's on english. I bought the norwegian version, but I don't know where I can change it. Somebody who know? I have tried settings but nothing.. :(
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    Stadium and faces

    Can I add stuff like stadiums and faces into the PS3 and FIFA 2008?
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    La Liga: Atletico - Racing

    Finally three points. We're leading 3-0 now.. Goals by Raul Garcia, Aguero and Forlan. Fantastic. Im so satisfied now. Three points was neccessary today!