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    PS3 & 360 FIFA 08 demo DELAYED

    Yes, that's right, it has been delayed in Europe but has been released everywhere else. Well done EA, well done.
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    The Jam [Thread]

    One of the best british bands in my opinion. Anyone here a fan of The Jam? One of my favourite Jam songs: 8O-pjgdVH4g Paul Weller...genius. :mrpimp:
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    The Arctic Monkeys

    How many people here actually like them? I like a couple of their songs like Fluorescent Adolescent and Old Yellow Bricks but I think most of their stuff is the same. I find them to be a very overrated band, but everyone I know LOVES them. (:/) People always say to me "How can you not like...
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    Alan Ball dead

    Reports of a big heart attack. RIP :(
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    Sir Bobby Robson taken ill

    :( Sky Sports just released the news that Sir Bob has been taken to the hospital. I hope he's okay. The man just bleeds football. But nothing holds this fella back. (H) I wish him well. (Y)
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    ML question

    Sorry for opening a thread like this, but I did search and couldn't find the answer. Can somebody tell me when the negotiation period starts in PES5 please? Help would be great, thanks. :p
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    Saint's Row - Xbox 360

    They say it's GTA inspired. I had a look at the screenshots and in-game footage, and it does look very cool. Animations looks class, especially when you're battering somebody with a baseball bat.. have a look at it.. IGN
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    WCQ: Wales vs England [P] & [R]

    Wales v England preview England travel to Cardiff on Saturday desperate to erase lingering memories of last month's Danish debacle, live on Sky Sports 1. Sven Goran Eriksson cut a forlorn figure in Copenhagen after overseeing a second half collapse that saw his side concede four...
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    Sig Request

    Alright guys, basically, I'm bored of my sigs, so I'd be happy if somebody could make me a new sig. :) All I want is the theme to be Real Madrid, and I want my name in it somewhere..."Diego". ;) And the rest is up to you. Just use your brilliant imagination, guys. (H) Pics :-
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    WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 - Screens and info

    WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 expands on THQ's popular multi-million unit-selling franchise with a number of key new features. The Buried Alive Casket match, two new wrestler attributes (Stamina and Hardcore), and a realistic momentum system all combine to turn the series away from its arcade...
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    Getaway 3

    ...for the PS3. Looks stunning. Another two screenshots can be found here. Getaway 3 Screenshots
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    SlowSiver's Wallpapers

    Hey guys, This is my first wallpaper I've ever done, and yes, it's a Barcelona wallpaper, but thats only because I already had a Deco cutout, so here it is.
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    Shut up!!!

    I need help. I am selling Riquelme, he is joining Betis at the next window. He is also unregistered for me anyway, so he can't play (not that he could get into my team anyway) but he every single day I get these stupid messages saying he expects to be in the first team. So far I have counted up...
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    Need help with a banner!

    Right, I have started a banner for a friend for his site. I need to add some text on, but I am not good at this sort of thing, so I need your help...if anyone can use a nice font on this banner ( you choose where you put it, aslong as it's clear!) I need it to say "In The Stands". Oh...
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    Longest run without conceding a goal?

    I've finally managed to get my defence as solid as a rock, although my longest run isn't all that. . . . long. :D 8 games is my record in FM so far in all competitions, whats yours? Also, please mention which team you are and who you have at the back. - - - - - Pazzini- - - - -...
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    First Person mode?

    Can somebody tell me what it's like and if someone could post a screen that would be great, thanks.
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    Barcelona vs A. Madrid

    1-0 Torres inside 1:20 :rockman: :rockman: :rockman:
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    Laurence Wilson

    You guys know about him? He starts off with Everton and I've just bought him for Ajax, I started a new game so it's still in September 2004. ;) And in my game he has a potntial of 199! :o
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    Shakhtar Donetsk vs Barcelona [r]

    Currently 2-0 to Shakhtar Donetsk at HT. :rockman: (H)
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    I have converted! :D :rockman: As soon as I played WE8, it was a taste of what PES4 would feel like. Animations with the ball are fixed and the ball no longer "flies" in the air like it used to. Even the ball can bobble on pitch if conditions are hot. Player! Where do I...