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    Be A Pro Camera

    Hi every1 i'm bck aftr my lng disappernce fm ths forum! ;) i have gone through a gr8 deal of trouble 4 ths but finally i have done it! Download Here Note: thre r 2 files. i dnt knw which wrks. i just extrcted these frm the xbox 360 version of FIFA 10! Comments are welcomed. And...
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    Oif Tool 2007 needed

    Does any1 have the oif tool 2007? If so can u plz upload it and post it?? I need it despartly for my new highneck collars. Thnks in advance
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    Stevi G's Workshop For FIFA 07!

    NG style patches by me ;) INDEX New Boots & Ankle Tapes Models
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    Stevi G's Highneck Patch For FIFA 10!

    V1.0 Download Here : m200__.o [m232__.o Using File Master 10 replace m200__.o and m232__.o files in zdata__04.big. Thn just rebuild the fat and bh files and enjoy! ;)
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    Untucked Shirts For FIFA 2005!

    here i will post my untucked shirts for fifa 2005 (because of pede more ppl visit this forum :D) screens : Beta Version Download : How To Install : Backup Ur Files 1st Open zdata__02.big using BigGui and...
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    Stevi G's Workshop For FIFA 10

    here i will post my works for the new fifa game by ea. starting wid armbands: ucl version : NOTE: this doesnt not add the ucl armband(that is it does nt change the texture of the armband). it just resizes the armband to the ucl armband.(that is...
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    Fifa 1 out now

    well i thught it wuld be perhaps a good idea to let every1 knw that fifa 10 is out nw. i recieved an email frm ea sports and clivk here t check it out :
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    Oedit question

    hi i was wonering if there was a programe/software that would allow me to convert the m200.o file and nt just the faces to the any 3d model file and than let me convert it back to oedit file? thanks in advance
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    is this pssible?

    is it possible to smewhat convert a .3ds or a .3dm file to .o edit file? thanks in advance
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    World Cup 2010 Winner

    i knw its just too early bt i wanted to knw the views and opinions of u ppl. Eveybody has some opinion who is going to win even b4 the World Cup starts. For me its England bt we will have to wait and c :)
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    Which club/team do u hate the most?

    Everybody hates a club. For me i hate man utd bt more than man utd real madrid and chelsea. Any player who wants to have his career destroyed should join chelsea or real madrid
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    is it possible?

    is it possible to give gaps btw two sets Rhino Points as in these?
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    Stevi G's its for fifa 2005

    Here i'll post my kits.Please rep my work if u like it. Note that i have converted some kits frm fifa 09 & 08 and i have further convert them for fifa 2005 so quality will change frm kit to kit. i make its for fifa 07 and have will continue in maing for fifa 07 and later will convert them for...
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    is it possible?

    is it possible to give gaps btw two sets Rhino Points as in these?
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    Stevi G's Armbands for fifa 09

    Well here is my Liverpoolfc ucl and fifa 2010 world cup armbands. Hope they are gud enuff for fifa 09gamers. i'm new here and am new at doing armbands so comments on improving my armbands are most welcome and insulting comments are nt i hope that my contribution to fifa 09 community will nt...
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    Editing sKills for fifa 09

    is it possible? Can i edit sKills for fifa 09? i want to add some frm fifa 2006 world cup germany if that is possible. And can any1 plz tell me in which zdata are the sKills files? And can any plz provide me wth the ini.big file for fifa 09? i deleted mine accidently :( and i dnt want to...
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    Converting balls from pes to fifa

    is it possible? Can u convert balls frm PES to fifa?
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    Untucked Shirts for fifa 07

    Well most people thought that it was impossible for fifa 07 and that it was only possible for fifa 08 and nw since some ppl have done it for fifa 09 as well. Bt they were wronge. It is 100% possible to do so. The fact is that it can be done very very easily....... The only question is that does...
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    Help with downloading

    Can anybody plz tell me where can i download fifa 07 for xbox 360? And if possible the download is highly compressed? Thanks in advance :)
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 09....

    Well let me contrbiute first :) To do the rabona keep running than realsea forward than quickly tap forward up or down dependng in which direction u want to cross and A (A is my cross button) > forward (hold), realsea and than quickly tap forward, up and cross button (ths is if ur running frm...