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    USA Tour : AC Milan vs Chelsea

    i want a link for milan vs chelsea pleassseeeeeeeee
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    USA Tour : AC Milan vs Chelsea

    he don't ahve a link ???? for look the match sorry for my bad english
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    Brazil vs Argentina [P]+[R]

    what is the team of argentina fo the match
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    diego go to paris SG

    who can translate please Futebol LANCEPRESS! O pai e procurador do meia Diego, Djair Ribas, viaja nesta quinta-feira para a França. Djair irá acompanhado de Toninho Silva, procurador do zagueiro André Luis. Toninho usará da sua boa influência dentro do Paris Saint-Germain para...
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    FIFA 2004 Multimedia Thread (Screenshots and Videos)

    **** for look the video it is necessary to pay * Do as a favor the login first with the free member. Know the passwd? The child D does not be born memory? After using a service to, it does as a favor a logout certainly, it wishes. Gold member joining expense and bonus...
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    Fifa 2004 Face ?!?!?

    in the site :brow:
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    new info from fifa community manager

    yes for (Ronnie) ronaldinho it the best player look the gol of ronni psg vs bordeaux
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    WE 7 on pc read...

    translat please ¡¡¡Winning Eleven 7 exclusivo para PC!!! ¡Que la inocencia les valga! Como ustedes saben (o se olvidaron), ayer fue April Fool's Day, o lo que se conoce como Día de los Inocentes, y decidimos hacerles una pequeña...
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    wich program do I need to make movies or gif files?

    hello you can give me the link to have the idles on the demo sorry for my bad english
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    about shooting...

    and ronaldhino !!!!!!! paris is magic
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    World soccer 2002

    hello has all I am new on the forum. heard there were game of konami on PC "world soccer 2002 "saw one could the telecharger on edonkey but as is long I would like to know if one would have a link for telecharger the game thank you PS: excuse me for my English but I am French
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    Winning Eleven 2002 English Names for the Players

    were are you download the game for the pc please:confused:
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    FIFA2003, TIF2003, or PES???

    wow it's a new screen of fifa 2003?????or ?????please