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    PES2009 online on PS3

    how is it? is it lagging same as on pc? im asking cuz i wont buy the game if its lagging online theres no point
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    big problem!

    when i install pes2008, in konami folder theres no dat folder like there was in previous versions! any1 else have this prob? i only have some img folder..some1 pls help if theres a way to fix that cuz i cant import any patches..thx
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    did any1 make the gooooooooooooal roar sound from the crowd yet?
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    Right Analog Stick!

    mine doesnt work! any1 knows how to fix this?
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    What is..?

    the best place to preorder Pes 6 from if you live in Canada?
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    we9 for xbox360?

    any1 been able to play this game on xbox360? i rented the game for xbox, tried playin it with my xbox360 and it doesnt work! i dl the update to be able to play xbox games and it still doesnt work. any1?
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    how do u import stadiums? i dl that stadium pack, but theres no instructions
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    im using ps2 controller with adapter for fifa 06 on pc, and my right stick doesnt work! any1 has a patch for this, or know how to get it to work?
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    Help Plz!

    OK i d/l all five parts of wolf patch 3.0, and when i try to extract the files, it stops at 65% because of some error on file 0_text.afs ANY1 knows wat the problem is and how to fix it??? plz help
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    roteiro ball

    is any1 making any balls for fifa like roteiro or any of the other adidas and nike balls..?? cause this stupid ea ball is going on my nerves
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    Big Problem!

    ok i just got the port for my ps2 controller that enables me to connect it to my pc, and use it in the game. thats all good but i CANT CONFIGURE THE BUTTONS in the game!!! any1 know how to fix it?
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    lil help plz...

    i installed that sideline ref patch, and now my game doesnt work online. can some1 plz send me these 3 original files, so i can replace them. they r in C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 2005\data\cmn, and the files are cfg_pc_h, cfg_pc_i, and cfg_pc_m. my email is [email protected] thx
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    minimum pc requirements for pes4...?

    does any1 know wat they are? wats the minimum graphics card, ram, mb, and the rest for the pes4 game requirement on pc?
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    winning eleven 8 release date...

    does any1 know the release date for canada?
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    To Lukas Svoboda!!

    ur stupid patch for world league cinematics for fifa 2004 just ****ed up my online gaming completely. U better be able to tell me how to uninstall this ****!!!
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    I urgently need the following 2GK kits: Ac Milan(home and away), R. Madrid(home & away) , Juventus, Barcelona, Arsenal, Man. Utd, Inter milan. Pls if any1 can send me these, it would be greatly appreciated, since fifa web portal is down, and they can only be d/l from there!!! Pls email them to...
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    None Of The Ball D/l's R Working On Downlods Centre..?

    i am unable to d/l any of teh balls for fifa 2004, it says login name and pw required??? can any1 help?
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    After 3 weeks of playing...

    completely bored outta my mind!! good games r not supposed to get boring this fast. Ea work on it
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    changing team names?

    is it possible?
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    installing new kits

    any1 knows how to install a new kit patch? thanx for replies