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    EPL Round 4: Manchester United x Arsenal [P/R]

    Thats just nonsense.
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    Thierry Henry: Most decorated in European Football

    Pires/Ljungberg/Henry/Campbell/Edu(?)/Lauren/Wiltord all fit the bill... Of course, I'm not including players who won something with Arsenal before that..
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    Would you cheer for another club from your country in Europe if your team was out?

    Living in England, I would hate to see manure, liverpool, chelski win it. But, since I've moved to the US, it's a lot more important to be patriotic as any English endeavors are related to me according to those around me.
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    Arsenal 3rd kit Personally, wouldn't be surprised if this one is real.
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    feo in the new kit
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    Glad the Green or White kits were fake... edit: dammit fett! beat me too it!
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    UCL: Manchester United FC - Arsenal FC [P+R]

    There needs to be a lot more support for Adebayor. We're very slow at putting a counter attack together because we're worried about defending. Let's come out, stroke the ball around, get behind the defenders and Adebayor needs to be in middle and get on the end of some of those. Otherwise...
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    These are NOT the new Total 90's. They are the replacement to the R10 (Ronaldinho) line of shoes.
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    Liverpool v Arsenal [R]

    Can we sign this Luck you talk about? How come Liverpool have him for keeps for the past few seasons in the CL? Although to be fair, tonight they were the better team, although Liverpool's defense is horrendous. Arsenal had about 10 shots and scored 4, while Liverpool had about 25 shots and...
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    Liverpool v Arsenal [R]

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    FSC beats ESPN for CL rights.

    ^ The official UEFA broadcast commentators doesnt include Andy Gray as far as I know. Andy Gray is from Sky Sports only.
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    ^ All those kits which they are talking about have been revealed long ago on here.
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    FSC beats ESPN for CL rights.

    to be fair though, UEFA dont even broadcast HD games yet (only for the CL/Uefa Cup Finals).
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    Whoa... Very simplistic, which is a good thing. not a fan of the white shorts though, and I don't like how high the badge/umbro logo are. But otherwise, not a bad shirt at all :) But, will it include numbers on the front?
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    FSC beats ESPN for CL rights.

    Personally, I hate ESPN. Tommy Smith is a complete moron, and almost all the time says things which are completely false. Derek Rae is ok since hes just giving you the information in front of him. What ESPN does that really pisses me off is they lower the crowd volume on the TV, which makes...
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    FSC beats ESPN for CL rights.

    Hopefully soon, with HD around the corner for FSC, and already having Fox Sports en Espanol, we might be able to have 2 games on live at once. That would be the smart thing to do for FSC at least. And if they could do that, that would be AWESOME!
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    New Kits 2009/2010

    England's current (and for the past 10 years at least) shorts have beennavy blue. They wear white shorts when there is a color clash (of shorts, presumably) with other nations. On another not, I'd like to see England try out a White shirt with Red shorts. It may look a little weird, but...
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    New Kits 2008/2009

    a quick google search did it...
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    Kitserver 8

    Juce, what happened to the thread on evoweb? What's the best way to keep updated with what is happening with kitserver?