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    M.L.S Playoffs 2005 [R] Revs - Metrostars Fire - DC United Earthquakes - Galaxy FC Dallas - Rapids I'm hoping for a New England - San Jose final. The two best teams in the league. Televised games: 10-23 Los Angeles Galaxy - San Jose...
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    Virtual Memory Problem

    Not only do i get the "Low Virtual Memory" notice, my computer gets really slow and basically unusable after being on for more than 10 minutes. I've tried everything - fiddled with virtual memory settings (i have 512 mb ram and i tried the setting at 1024mb, and kept on raising it), deleted...
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    Georgia - Ukraine (P/R) The game that sends Ukraine through...

    Ukrainian national team head coach Oleh Blokhin named 22-man squad for World Cup Group Two qualifiers in Georgia on September 3 and at home against Turkey on September 7. Goalkeepers: Olexander Shovkovsky (61 caps, 40 goals allowed) (Dynamo), Maxym Startsev (1,1) (Kryvbas) Defenders...
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    The Most Underrated Bands of All Time

    I hate this emo **** so much. Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance etc, they can all **** themselves. This is where its at: Spacehog - their hit song "in the meantime" is that classic 90's song. one of my favorite songs. Jethro Tull C.C.R The Band - If you havent heard "the weight" by the...
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    New 311

    I know we have some fans here. This is their brand new song. The CD comes out in August. 311 is reggae/hip-hop/alternative. Check it out.
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    CD Burner Problem

    This is a burner that is in the tower, that came with the computer. When i burn a cd and play it, the last few songs will now skip or not play at all. And sometimes after burning a cd, a cd player wont even read the cd. Whats the deal with this? Did it just flat out break? If i buy a new...
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    *NHL 2005/2006 Offseason Thread*

    The lockout will end in the next week, maybe in the next few days. There will be a lot of free agents looking for teams. There will also be rule changes in effect (shootout). My favorite rumor. The Flyers will sign Scott Niedermayer. :rockman:
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    Philadelphia Phantoms - Calder Cup Champions

    The Phantoms sweep Kari Lehtonen (best goalie prospect in the world) and the Wolves. Wachovia Center was sold out tonight. Jeff Carter (21 games played) - 12 goals, 11 assists Mike Richards (14 games played) - 7 goals, 8 assists Antero Nittymaki - 1.74 GAA, .943 sv.% Im also a big...
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    I need help converting my friend...

    He has only played WE8 a few times, but he insists that Fifa 2005 is the best soccer game and that its "amazing". Now, we all know thats not true. Does anybody have an official article/review out there that can really stick it to him. Im looking for something that goes along the lines of...
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    Game of their Lives This deserves to be in the soccer forum because the movie is about one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. Its the story of the US national team during the 1950 World Cup. The trailer is posted on the website, which gave me goosebumps. This movie...
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    2005 NFL Draft

    April 23,24 I remember reading that they might move it to Philly this year. I havent heard anything recently. Two interesting mock drafts. As for the Eagles, I would kill for one of the big 3 RB's in this...
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    Preparing for Mexico (US Roster)

    Bruce Arena has called in 22 MLS players into camp. We have two friendlies before the Mexico game on the 27th. March 9 - Colombia, March 19 - Honduras. ROSTER BY POSITION Goalkeepers (3) – Jon Busch (Columbus Crew), Joe Cannon (Colorado Rapids), Kevin Hartman (Los Angeles Galaxy)...
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    Italian Inquiries

    1. The fact that Roberto Baggio was not included in the Euro 2000, WC 2002, and even the Euro 2004 squads is an embarrasment. (maybe Baggio was injured in 2000, i forget). And it even goes back to 98. I just watched a tape of the quarterfinal vs. France. Starting Del Piero over Baggio was...
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    Mls Draft 2005

    Im dissapointed in myself, ive never heard of the projected #1 pick - Besagno, Nikolas -- U.S. Under-17 National Team. Heres the players list - I go to school with Pat Hannigan, a goalkeeper...
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    Nice WE8 Goals

    Rui Costa FK Sick run by Denilson with some nice moves
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    2005 World Junior Hockey Championship

    Mike Richards was named captain of team Canada today.(H) Jeff Carter named assistant captain. Of course, USA gets no coverage of this tournament.
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    WCQ: USA vs. Jamaica (rosters revealed) GOALKEEPERS -- Jon Busch (Columbus), Joe Cannon (Colorado), Matt Reis (New England), Kasey Keller (Tottenham). DEFENDERS -- Ryan Suarez (Los Angeles), Jonathan Spector (Manchester United), Shifty Califf (Los Angeles), Chris Albright (Los Angeles), Oguchi Oneywu (Standard...
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    Bands that you hate

    Simple Plan can go burn in hell. Yellowcard, for the most part, sucks. The new Green Day single, American Idiot, might be one of the worst songs ive ever heard. Come to think of it, the whole Madden 2005 soundtrack makes me want to throw up (except Franz Ferdinand). New Found Glory -...
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    USA - Panama [R]

    Tonight. 7:30 ESPN 2. Projected lineup: Keller Hejduk---Pope---Berhalter----Bocanegra ---------------Zavagnin--------------------- Donovan----------------------Beasley ---------------Mathis------------------ Mcbride and Casey/Wolf Eddie Lewis may start and push...
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    Long Beach Dub All Stars

    A few of the surviving members of the group Sublime formed this band a while ago but i just started getting into them now. If you havent heard of them and you like Sublime/Reggae music, you have to check these guys out. LBDAS - Rolled Up (******* awesome song)(Y)