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    Csep 13

    Dear friends ! After lot of time, i'm glad that i can announce that we started to work on Czech-Slovak Expansion Pack 13, modification, that will replace two leagues in original FIFA 13 with Slovak and Czech Top Leagues. What we have ? 08/10/12 - 4 Slovakia Teams...
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    Czech-Slovak Expansion Pack 12 1.1 DEMO

    After our first BETA (that we relase yesterday), we fix some important bugs, and create titles for English language database. So, u can enjoy first Czech-Slovak patch (after years), that join both international teams, and 3 team from each country in this demo version. Yes, we made it with...
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    Bajzik's #12 Kits

    After long time, i'm back w brand new FIFA 12 kits ;) Enjoy ! Brasil Away Shirt Preview : Crest : Shirt :
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    Bajzik's #12 kits

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    Bajzik's Kits

    Since my creation drew only one aspect , kits, I decided to move from the main forum to kits forum :) And my first work here in kits forum is Tottenham Hotspur 11/12 Leaked Home Shirt USE COLLAR TYPE 10, BADGE LOGO 0 POSITION
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    Slovak Super Patch 11

    Ladies and Gentlemans, we're proudly announce the first edition of the official version Slovak Super Patch 11 v 1.0 Only English version included FEATURES : - complete Slovak Super League (Corgon Liga) - complete 1. Slovak League (Prvá Liga) - complete Slovak International...
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    Bajzik's Addons

    Olympique Lyonnais 2011/2012 kit CREATED BY BAJZIK ============================================ DON'T FORGET TO USE REPLACE RADIO BUTTON IN CREATION MASTER WHEN U IMPORTING STUFF. OR JUST REPLACE KITS MANUALLY ============================================ For any...