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  1. dissectionalone

    Fifa 15 Goalkeeper behaviour for Fifa 16

    First and foremost I apologize to the mods if they find this thread unnecessary, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any mod to make Goalkeepers in Fifa 16 behave like they did on Fifa 15, you know like real goalkeepers who step out of their goaline when an attacker finds itself in 1 on 1...
  2. dissectionalone

    Request Your 3D Logos

    Hi guys :) The thread title is pretty much explanatory. Request your 3d league logos here and I'll try my best to get them done For now, a couple logos I've done Argentina Primera División (didn't put the 2016 in case people were already playing the next season) Blender preview...
  3. dissectionalone

    3D League Logos

    What's up? Thanks to jorge78 I finally got to experiment successfully with exporting a working 3d logo and putting it in the game. First one, The AFA logo Here's the blender preview (sorry for no ingame screenshots) Link
  4. dissectionalone

    Nike Ordem CBF 2014

    What's up, guys? Thanks to Rabzyxor's mastery of graphics and jorge78's rx3 containers I was able to make this ball, so here it is The ball's named for RM15 use but you can rename copies of the files to add it to the ingame menu Cheers :)
  5. dissectionalone

    Nike Boots With Sock From 15 (Work In 14)

    I thought I'd share this as I believe a lot of people who still play Fifa 14 would be interested. I've taken the new boot models (magistas and superfly X boots with the sock) from the PS3 version of Fifa 15 as these work on Fifa 14...
  6. dissectionalone

    Random Bugs

    First off, I'll apologize for the mods if this isn't the spot for this kind of thing and also I haven't seen anything related to what I'm looking for so here goes: Is anyone having problems with commentary not working on fifa 14? and I'm not talking about not being able to select commentary...
  7. dissectionalone

    Some face attempts

    Cheers guys, I'm gonna post some experiments I've made on some faces. Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated :) Here's the latest thing I've been tooling around: Rafael Sóbis - Fluminense By lipelopes2000 at 2012-05-27 By lipelopes2000 at 2012-05-27