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    English people help me out!!!

    OK folks, so I'll be going to Bulgaria in May with my brother and his gf and the flight will be passing through London. We're planning on staying for 2 days in England and we realllly want to see a premiership match. We'll be able to watch a game on saturday may 16th and the London games are...
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    If you like rock. I play the drums.
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    Euro expansion to 24 teams!?!??,17033,8652_3750711,00.html I think it'll be for the better
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    yehyeh my band jammin' recorded straight at my house. First time I've recorded sound so don't be too harsh on sound quality :) I know the bass drum's quiet...I don't have a mic for it yet. I'm the drummer btw. Why am I posting this on a soccer forum? I don't...
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    they can't take throwins for ****.

    none of them. Mine, the opposition's...nobody's. Almost every ******* throw-in goes to the opposition and if in my own half, almost always results in a shot. I swear to god, ALL the players are retarded and sometimes don't even get close to throwing it to a team-mate. Does anyone else notice...
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    holy crap! everton just got docked points :S

    what the hell does going into administration mean? And yes...ManU is in the damn championship...which is why I quit my sporting job so I can save 'em.
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    Paul Robinson

    Anyone watch the Man City - Tottenham game on the weekend? I think he could've potentially saved both those goals...however he didn't even make an attempt at it. Why does Ramos pick him? Cerny hasn't been any worse...maybe I'm just being harsh?
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    scout's knowledge disappears?? I give my scout an assignment...say scout a region or nation. As soon as he finishes or goes on to a different country, the knowledge of the last one disappears and he's back to only knowing this a bug or what? I'm not too sure how scouting's supposed to work but I...
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    How do I make crosses and through passes automatic?

    K This might seem like an obvious answer...but I don't know how. If I play in Co-op season, then there's the option to turn them to automatic. However, I can't find that option in manager mode??? I really want them to be automatic as I use the keyboard and there's no way I can direct them to...
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    Is it just me or do Chelsea just love Pandev?

    Every game I start, they buy him for like 25-30 million Euros...Does everyone else get that too?
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    how do I improve my results?

    OK, I'll be posting some screenshots and I'm hoping someone can help me out because I'm honestly getting sick of this game. I'm playing with Stoke city, been playing for quite a few seasons now. Got promoted in my 2nd season. My first season in the premiership, I believe I finished in 12 place...
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    check out my band's music :)

    hey folks...we just recorded a 2 song demo today, very quick stuff...I think it came out pretty good considering the time frame we had. Tell me what you think: the 2 songs we recorded are "supervirgin" and "I'll find my way"chec
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    EPL's new signings

    Ok so with the new year approaching, who do you think has been impressing and who hasn't in the EPL? That's pretty much any transfered players in the teams, weather they came from outside the league or not. Shevchenko has obviously sucked, I'm not too sure about Ballack... Berbatov has been...
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    patches for PES6?

    Hey folks, I just got PES 6 today...are there any modifications out for it yet? If not, any approximate release dates? Thanks :)
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    how do I apply for the national coach job??

    I want to coach a national team while also coaching a club team but I can't find a way to apply... even when a coach gets sacked, I don't know how to apply.. help!!
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    I wanna edit the speed

    I wanna edit the speed of players so that there is a bigger gap between the real speedsters and the rest. What I wanna do is have all the players that have top speed in the 90's keep their rating but everyone who has speed below 90 to be lowered by say 10 points so that something like this...
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    editing utility??

    Hey folks... I remember that in PES4, there was this utility that you could download, almost like the creation centre for allowed you to edit stats and such and also import players with their ratings from FM05... does this exist for PES5? Thanks!
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    where is "Superpatch 2.0.dkz" ?

    Ok so I'm trying to get the Superpatch working and I've done every step except I just cannot find this Superpatch 2.0.dkz and so I can't import it. I have the program and everything but where is the file? My game crashes just after the tactics menu and I'm almost sure that this thing is the...
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    Changing player ratings

    Ok, even after installing wolf's patch, I still think that there are some players who's ranks have gone quite wrong(Wolf's patch is awesome btw). I was just wondering if you guys thought the same and if anyone actually changed any player ranks as I'd like to do the same to make my game better...