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    A New Beginning - FIFA 07 Editors group

    Some of you may remember how i had suggested we move to a new site that gives us more freedom to interact,share,store and create together. Now that Nike have released their world cup kits,its the ideal time to start creating the world cup patch,and i really want it to be the best patch ever...
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    African Cup of Nations 2010 Patch

    I'm going to do this patch myself,i'll manage everything i think...i just created this thread so i can ask for help if i need it,and so no one else starts making this patch... release date-10th Jan note-this patch will go on simultaneously with the world cup patch,that project is still on!
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    Official World Cup 2010 Thread

    Seeing that most people seem to think its time for us to start working on this patch,i thought we could make a separate thread before starting work in earnest.I'll reserve the first 3 or 4 posts,and update everything there so we can all see how far we've reached.Good luck everyone,here we go!
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    Begging for HELP!

    I need help! i cannot finish the premier league patch anytime soon if i have to make rosters,kits as well as minikits myself without anyone else contributing,because i have a life outside fifa too,and my exams are coming up in a couple of weeks.So can some people please help me out? you dont...
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    BPL 09-10:Which are the best kits?

    i have kits for every team,but for the premier league patch,i want every team to have the best kit made :) So if you have an opinion as to which kit you want your favourite team to be wearing,post here...
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    Need Face Design Master 08

    can someone post a link..or upload theirs? preferably beta 0.3... thanks in advance
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    Kits by Hobs Crk

    here's some noob kits i made to put in my patch..they're pretty sad,but then,its the first kit i've ever made... burnley away.. Wigan home..
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    Hobs Crk's Minikits

    damn,can someone tell me how to upload an image..
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    Urgently need some kits for patch!

    Hello people,got a bit of an urgent request here, the thing is,i'm making a barclays premier league patch for the new season (check my thread here and i'm a very poor kit maker,so i've just looked through the forums to find kits that are already made. But some kits for smaller teams i have...
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    Barclays Premier League 09-10 Patch

    Features of this Patch; 1. All the teams,all the players. 2. Complete rosters,strongest formations,correct jersey nos. 3. All kits and minikits 4. New FIFA rules(7 subs,etc) 5. New logos for teams that changed them anytime after FIFA 07 was launched. 6. New official premier league ball 7...
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    Radical Suggestion - New Forum

    Hey i'm back,i've been away for a couple of months.I've just been checking out the sheer amount of kits that that have been made in the meantime... and thats when it struck me,we really need a new forum,just for fifa 07,with a proper admin,active moderators,a proper downloads section where we...
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    Renewal of the I-League Patch

    Hi, I'm making a patch for the Indian National Team as well as the I-League. This is basically a renewal of wwwescape's i-league project,which saw some wonderful days before 08 and 09 were launched P.S. : Any help would be really appreciated. PM me. Kitmakers, Minikit makers Main Features: -...
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    Kit Request Thread

    Ok,i know we already have a similar looking thread in the stickies,but because its got logos and textures and what not,i think its best to make a thread where people can request kits only.This will save people the trouble of having to post in individual kitmakers threads. So please post here...
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    International Kits 09-10

    England - Home by adek GK by adek away by roberto France - Home by adek away by roberto Russia - Home Away Goalie by adek South Africa - Away by Vez New Zealand - Home Away Third by Vez Italy - Home by Vez gk red gk brown away by tinco Spain - Home by vez Ghana - home and...
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    Suggestion : World Cup 2010 patch

    Seeing that there are quite a few people active in this community,wouldnt it be a good idea to all come together and start making a World Cup Patch that can be released as soon as the qualifiers are done? We can start making kits and updating rosters of the teams that have almost qualified...
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    Season 2009-2010 Kits

    Since there arent too many kitmakers left in our community,i thought we could have all of next season's kits for all leagues in just one thread.All credit for these goes to makers of these kits...:bob::bob::bob: ENGLAND Chelsea Home - roberto001 Home - adek1991 Away - adek1991 Third - adek1991...
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    Hobs Crk's Winter Updated Rosters

    Here we go..all the major European Leagues with the latest rosters as they are after the close of the january transfer window,2009. English Premier League La Liga Coming up next-Bundesliga If you're having problems loading the patches,post here please.
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    Need a few Utilities

    I wanted to make a few patches for FIFA 07,only to find that i dont have any of the utilities i need.i know there's a sticky thread,but the thing is,most of the links there(specially to monkey dragon's stuff) are either broken or edited. So could somebody please upload these utilities if they...