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    WinCool's Graphics

    Starting with some Scarves!
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    Aswin's Kits

    Thanks for you supporting in FIFA 14 and i hope you will gave it here too! Lets Go! Lets Fifa 15!!
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    WinCool's 14/15 Kits

    After a long while i got my time back. So, thought I would start a separate thread for my 14/15 kits and would be good to have a new beginning. Thanks to: Regularcat - Kit Mesh Pattern The Brothers - Rhino Model
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    FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery were announced as the three nominees for the FIFA Ballon d'Or, while Nadine Angerer, Marta and Abby Wambach were revealed as the nominees for the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year award on 9 December 2013. From these final shortlists...
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    WinCool's Arena

    Hello mates. Hope you know me. I will be posting my edits for FIFA 14 Here. Hope You Like Them. ENJOY MY WORKS! AND SHARE YOUR OPINION!
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    Kits Being Stolen

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    WinCool's Template Sharing Place

    So whatzup FIFA 10.I may be not making Kits for Fifa 10 any more but i will help you guys with my templates. Use them as you like. I will be putting my templates and their download links here. THANKS FOR YOUR HUGE SUPPORT FOR MY WORKS IN HERE! So, any suggestions, doubts(kit making)...
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    FIFA 10 to FIFA 08 Kit Conversion Details (read this before converting)

    Hello dear FIFA 08 kit converters. So you guys dont make kits instead convert from FIFA 10. "INFORMATION" -if you are converting a kit first comment in his/her thread that "can i convert your kit to fifa 08?" . -If he/she agrees you can convert it to fifa 08 format with full credits...
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    Face Design Master 10

    Can some one give me correct link to download Face Design Master 10 (FDM10) coz i cant download it from any where . Please Please Please
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    WinCool's Kits

    Kit Index Premier League Everton F.C. Home Manchester City Away Spanish La Liga Malaga C.F Home Athletic Bilbao Home Away Russian Football Premier League FC Krylia Sovetov Samara Home Away Third Anzhi Makhachkala Home FC Tom Tomsk (Томь) Home Away Gk Ukrainian...
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    How to uninstall DX11

    Hello guys recently i got NFS MW 12 and it required DX11 so i installed it but now i not able to play Fifa 13 . I asked my friend he said its because of DX11 you should get DX 9.0c. So now i want to uninstall DX11! ANY WAY YOU KNOW? I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Thanks !
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    !!New!! Design Template's Resource

    Hello mates this the place where you can contribute your templates and also download others templates! Feel free to post your templates here with a preview and the PSD download link. This will increase more fifa 13 kit makers, therefore i think.:blush: So can we start?
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    Some Kits...

    INDEX LOSC Lille Home Away Third Everton Home Manchester City Away FC Krylia Sovetov Samara Home Away Third Eintracht Braunschweig Home Away Anzhi Makhachkala Home Coritiba FC Home
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    FIFA Stuck While Loading

    Pls watch this video and what is the solution THANKS IN ADVANCE AND PLS DO IT FAST!! I wanna enjoy fifa13!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!
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    WinCool's Kits

    Hi everyone.. I'm Aswin (my real name u can call me WinCool) from India.. It's my first time getting used to this kit making.. These are my first kits!! looks a kind of a messy!! :( Hope some one help me make kits better!! When I am free I will make some Kits!! But Not sooo perfect!!
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    WinCool's 13/14 Kits

    Hello lades and gentleman.There are just moths left for the new era of football with every thig new.Especially kit what i make.You should have seen my old thread that's WinCool's Kits!! Most of my kits are converted from fifa 13/12 or PES 12/13 but some are by myself using tese's kit...
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    WinCool Works

    Hello guys i am new to Fifa 13 ad i thought i will contribute some useful stuffs for Fifa 13!!I will be mainly doing Mini faces and i will try other things too in future! Requests are ON Suggestions are also ON Index FCB Mini faces 12/13 Neymar PSG full miniface pack
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    Classic XI Team [Need facemakers]

    Classic XI Team Thread Hi guys. I know it's kinda late to start a new project now but let's try to do it.:biggrinx: I was thinking about new Classic team with players that were REALLY the best, not some crappy that EA added.:blush: I need your suggestions for adding/removing players. Of...
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    CM 12 not starting!! {HELP PLS }

    Hello guys i am in a trouble! I just got fifa 12 ad when i stared CM12 to import new kits its showing this kind of error! My Fifa12 runs alright no crashes or ay thing it runs cool! But without new stuff its :\! So someone please help me ad please tell me how to fix this error! HELP...
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    FIFA 13 Kit Templates

    Hello Everyone Is anybody having the templates of kit for fifa 13 in psd. format please share them here! It will be a kind help for many new kit makers ! You kind helps will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!