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    Project Sponsors

    Hello, I've an idea to use make a litlle changes in Manager mode like change sponsors from the first season to the next one, so I think that can be with the kit overlays, anyone is interested in it?
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    Season 04-05 patch by Josepa94

    Hi everyone! When I was a child I used to play a lot of hours to FIFA 2005 so I want to make a patch to make FIFA 2005 in FIFA 18 Style. By now I just make some kits and only edit collar, maybe next I will add classic players, but now it's just kits. The patch it's just in alpha version, when I...
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    Problems with new league

    I'm trying to make a new league, it works in Tournament Mode but crash in Manager mode, I edit compobj, settings and add promotion and relegation. Someone know why I have this problem? I copy the schedule from another tournament.
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    Josepa94's Works

    Scoreboard Superliga Argentina 2018 LINK:
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    Josepa94's Kits

    Peru home WC 2018 Link: Pass: Josepa94 PD: I don't know how to change the position of the badge and numbers
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    Project SEASONS

    The idea is easy, make diferents versions of FIFA like FIFA 2000, 2001, 2002, etc. but in FIFA 16 format, so I start making Arsenal from 2000 (missing some players and Gk kit) , I hope you like and If you want to help me send me a MP Problems: It's impossible start carrer mode in 2000, so I...