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  1. kuchjc

    Head Model & Face

    I do not install FIFA 15 because I have not upgraded the machine configuration. But in the meantime I've downloaded the head, face of FIFA 15 Playstation 3 version. And edit face from head model fifa 15 ps3 version. So all we have used it for FIFA 15 FULL PC ??
  2. kuchjc

    Little Monster's FIFA 14 Faces

    Hello everyone! :ewan: I from VIETNAM. After a month to learn the issues relatef to work of facemaker, and edit in blender. Today I would like to create new thread for my work :) I just started to work, so it can be bad. I hope you'll support and help for my job well done xD .
  3. kuchjc

    FIFA 14 Fixes Thread

    New thread update all the hair and faces of the players, and we help to make our players better ;) And Here. My first update face and hair of Toni Kroos Credit : thanks to verh
  4. kuchjc

    kuchjc's Kits 14

    Hi all friends :D I from Vietnam , sorry my bad english I'm starting to put my kits here, I hope you like it... First work : Project Full HD Kit Tottenham Hospurs UEFA Europa League kit 2048x2048 shorts 2048x1024 emblem 251x251 bump by EA *Details* Tottenham Europan League - No...