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    Problem with Head Models in Blender

    All facemakers who use Blender for modelling, can I get help? I tried making faces with blender but I have a problem. I followed vegasos tutorial on youtube but when I put the image it does not show on the model can anyone help or give...
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    At What Age Do Pros Retire?

    What age does pro retire in FIFA 13 Player Career mode?
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    Face Texture

    Good day sirs :D I was just wondering is this the method that facemakers use to make textures
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    Revolution Mod

    Good day everyone. I just wanted to ask, I have been trying to download Revolution Mod 12 by scouser09 but the download link says the file is busy. Can someone please help me with this? :D
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    Classic Faces

    Hi I am new at making faces so please don't make bad comments :D