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    FIFA14 Welbeck's face

    Hi,everybody,now I hv made a Welbeck's face,common pls,it is base on our face's master aNuKe's model,thanks for his great job! And I hv update many details,hope u like
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    Fifa13 Aimartan's faces(Baggio and Ronaldo)

    We have try the Legend (model by issakjee) Do you love it?
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    aimartan's face!comment plx!

    Here are some face for my job in the past,I will release here very soon~Now are the preview,comment please! Download Download2 Download
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    aimartan's faces!

    This is my second face's pack for here! And here are some i made faces which i love.Through o-edit,the players not only made by the face's pictures,but also made the hairs,that's all. Thanks iamjames to help me! Enjoy yourself! I am aimartan! but here ,i want ereryone to help find the maxi...
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    The ajax fans come in please!!!Grygera faces download!

    Grygera faces download!that's a batter face i make,so release today!!
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    The best bergkamp face!!!!

    The best bergkamp face!!!!that is my best diy face!!! more than the face picture and 3d model!!!!!!