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    FIFA 13 Modding - What do we know?

    I know it (the demo) just came out and all, but with the life cycle these games tend to have...
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    Goalkeeper in Practice Arena

    Nothing against Petr Čech, but is there any way to swap him for another GK?
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    Does anybody happen to have a blank roster file?

    Whenever I seem to tamper with the players and rosters with DB11, the thing C2Ds on startup (before the language selections come up). FIFA 10 was a lot better in that respect, where it would only crash when I loaded up a team with <11 players. ... or should I wait for CM11?
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    Is it just me, or is there something a little "off" with the body models?

    Maybe I've gotten a bit too used to how they looked in FIFA 10, but for some reason something looks a bit... "off" with the FIFA 11 models. The thing is, I can't exactly describe what's wrong with them.
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    Fictional playerbase

    Is something like this possible in FIFA 11? I was able to do something like this in FIFA 10 (albeit VERY slowly and VERY tediously) by scrapping the roster entries and then creating them one-by-one with CM10. It's something I wouldn't mind doing again, even though there are way too many leagues...
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    Ball request

    OK, so I came across a soccer ball and I thought that it might make a nice entry to my FIFA collection. However, I am basically a copy and paste artist when it comes to photoshop, and it more often than not shows. While I don't know if I'll use this for any specific team, it might make for a...
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    Just a thought/rant on stadiums

    Do only the big leagues/teams get their own stadiums? While it's fine when you're playing at one of those stadiums, most of the teams are relegated to playing in a generic stadium, especially the teams in the who-dat leagues. Some (IMO) are quite a surprise, like the MLS stadiums since most of...
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    FIFA 11 vs. FIFA 10

    How much of an upgrade is FIFA 11 (PC) over FIFA 10 (PC)? I know that with getting the newer FIFA I'm basically saying goodbye to a mod I'll probably never finish - essentially making the player pool completely fictional. Why - freedom with team personalities, allowance of ignorance in offseason...
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    Fantasy rosters

    Is this something that's doable without being too tedious or difficult? I know it'll be a time consuming process given that there's so many teams, but I was just wanting to know how tough it would be to scrap all the real players and then start inserting created/game generated ones. Why do...