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  1. santiagoalvarez

    2014 World Cup Stadiums Compatible With FIFA 15

    Here I have tried to put Maracana Esadio (id=276) from fifa14 into fifa15. The result is that Maracana Esadio is compatible to the format in fifa15. I just replace the Etihad Stadium(id=246). Though the crowds file can't read correctly, the other fx, stadium rx3 and stadium texture work...
  2. santiagoalvarez

    [DOWNLOAD] FIFA14 Mexican Spanish Commentary Files

    Here I upload these files for Mexican Spanish commentary (español latino) It can be acquired via Origin updating
  3. santiagoalvarez

    UEFA Champion League stadiums editing by santiagoalvarez

    Recently I start to edit the UEFA Champion League stadiums and I have finished several ones. here come three UCL stadiums' screenshots. Nou Camp
  4. santiagoalvarez

    fifa11 change intro background

    i've changed intro background pictures of fifa11 using Texmod. However, i don't know how to make it more easier without texmod way. Here are some screenshots about this idea.