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  1. Cappo92

    cut off the replay during a game???need help

    Hi everyone, I want to know if is possible to make disable replays during a game??? cut off them so i can play with no disturb!!!
  2. Cappo92

    Nike Mercurial/Vapor Pink White MBAPPE

    Hi...there is a big problem in this forum because there are no is there someone that can try to start to make boot?? boot texture....i try to find for week this type of boot....anyone can create them or have them and would send to me??? Please we try to find a bootmaker
  3. Cappo92

    Poroto Lux

    i search this face made by Laverni some years ago Perhaps one of you have it and can send its to me??
  4. Cappo92

    Bayern Munich kitnumbers

    hi everyone i try to find bayern munich kitnumbers 2020 Anyone can help me??
  5. Cappo92

    Figeroo Faces

    Hello is there someone that have this face of LUKAS KLUNTER made by Figeroo?? This is the face and i search it a lot but link is down is there someone that can help me??
  6. Cappo92

    Premier League Scoreboard for FIFA 15

    Hello everybody...i think that in this forum all people can help each other and i hope that also in this situation is so!!!! I want to improve FIFA 15 game experience so i ask of other member of soccergaming to help me to realize New version of Premier League scoreboard for that game!!!! I also...
  7. Cappo92

    FIFA 18 World Cup Game Russia 2018

    Hi everybody i search a file that contain all kits in png version of fifa 18 world cup game, i had find it some moths ago but now i not find it anymore...are there some of you that have that file and can send to me???
  8. Cappo92

    Jadon Sancho

    Hi everybody i can search this faces made by Figeroo for Fifa 16....the link on moddingway is dead there is someone that have its and can send me that incredible talent face???
  9. Cappo92

    Cappo92 "Converting Faces"

    After my error I decide to help FIFA15 gamers to improve their game so I listen their requests about convert faces. Only for help the forum and not for my vanity. I make an example of my work with theese three faces - ALEX TEIXEIRA (JIANGSU SUNING) by Dato1988ts - EDER (JIANGSU SUNING) by EA...
  10. Cappo92


    Hello my friends, i can convert a lot of faces of FIFA 14 and FIFA 16,17,18,19 into FIFA 15. if you want some converted faces i send you and publish them on this thread. The cost for each face is 0,50 cent. euro and after i post its on my thread, please contact me on PM. Contact me I wait for...
  11. Cappo92

    FIFA 19 kit

    hello members, is it possible to extract from demo of fifa 19 kit files??
  12. Cappo92

    Croatia WC 2018 kit help

    Hi everybody i have a question for you!!! My question is?? There is a way in wich i can put front number in white and back number in lightblue??? because with cm16 front number and back number are the same so they are or both white or both light blue
  13. Cappo92

    Fifa World Cup 2018 FIFA 18 dlc

    Hi every body is it possible that someone can publish in this thread the new expansion pack of easport for fifa 18 on world cup 2018??? i want ONLY new faces and kits???probably the xbox version can be compatible with fifa 16 i don't know... i wait some answers
  14. Cappo92

    FIFA 18 Boots

    Hi everybody...if is it possible there is a guy that can extrac boot textures from fifa 18 ??? i search this texture thank you byeeeee
  15. Cappo92

    FIFA 15 shoe models from FIFA 16

    Hi everybody....i work on this project from 2 years...i always think that the new boot models that are in Fifa 16 must be also in Fifa after i request to bootmaker in fifa 16 thread i want to realase the model that i convert.. - Puma One 17 by paztor - Adidas Nemeziz by paztor - Puma...
  16. Cappo92

    Diego Falcinelli Face

    Hi everybody...time ago oh seung jin published a photo of face diego falcinelli (sassuolo foward) that not create by him so he did not publish the link to download..i ask of everybody that know who had made that face to publish its... or if someone have it to send me in private message the link...
  17. Cappo92

    Templates to create minikits FIFA 17!!!

    Hi everybody.....i start my work as a kitmaker for ChineseSuperLeague because in my opinion it is an interesting championship for fifa though i know that there are no possibilities that its is in FIFA18. I create this post because i need your help to create minikit for my kit...i need templeate...
  18. Cappo92

    2017 Chinese Super League

    Hi this is a topic on chienese super league teams kit...i invite all kitmakers to help me in this difficult i wait for your work on Chienes team and publish mine...!
  19. Cappo92

    Premiere League Scoreboards and poups up

    hi there are some editors that can make new type of scoreboards of english premier league for fifa 15?????????????????????????
  20. Cappo92

    FIFA 16 New Collars Kit

    hi people... i have this idea and i search someone that can help me to realize it!!! in fifa 16 there are new type of collar kit from n°16 to n°21 i intend that or this and i have this question.. are there a way to insert this new type of collar also in fifa 15 and fifa 14??? where...