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  1. badgerbadger

    Kingmuro's Stadiums - Bloomfield Stadium release

    I converted the stadium from Rugby Challenge, here it is. Hoping someone to convert. check post #6
  2. badgerbadger

    Rugby Challenge Stadiums

    Does anybody have the stadium models for this game? I couldn't find new links.
  3. badgerbadger

    kingmuro Adboards

    Credits to Rique for some of these. I merged a few from him with my additions. ANTALYASPOR
  4. badgerbadger

    Stadiums for FIFA Manager Season 2021

    Here, you can check the main link for this beautiful mod. I'm converting stadiums for FIFA Manager 14, using Blender. Here is the link to the stadiums for Season 2021. DOWNLOAD
  5. badgerbadger

    KingMuro Retro Kits

    Hi folks! I make kits for FIFA 12 and made some before too. Retro Kits by KingMuro