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    Whats the difference between CPUDIFF and USERDIFF?

    there are 2 files in the ini.big which looks pretty much the same, cpudiff.ini and userdiff.ini, what is the difference?
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    funny world cup squads

    i dont know if this has been posted but it is still funny :) The following squads have just been announced for the 2006 World Cup: BRAZILIAN SQUAD FOR WORLD CUP 2006 Pinnochio Libero Vimto Memento Borneo Tango Cheerio Subbuteo Scenario Fellatio...
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    player attributes

    does anyone or is there anywhere that has a detailed description of all the player attributes and how they affect the gameplay?
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    Increasing the number of available substitutes

    in FIFA 2006, the max number of subs u can have is 7, is there anyway to increase it?
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    How to change pitch conditions for friendlies?

    I just can't find anywhere that could change the pitch conditions for matches in the kick-off mode, they are all played out on rainless nights and its getting boring.