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    Injury Problem

    Is it only me or this edition of Fifa14 counts less injuries compared to Fifa13? I'm talking about the Career Mode, and even though I set the "injuries frequency" slider to 99 after 6 matches I haven't experienced any of them. Firstly I thought it was a bug of that savegame (cos it has already...
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    SLOWFaSTER by x119 With SLOWFaSTER you'll be able to: - play your offline matches with a slower pace and gameplay (without any lag or drop of frames); - improve the speed of menus with an increased response. ------------- INSTRUCTIONS: ------------- 1) Please delete any previous...
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    Slow Gameplay & Fast Menus (SLOWFaSTER's Thread)

    Hi, I was working on this from a while and now I'm ready to share my creation with you. With SLOWFaSTER you'll be able to -play your offline matches with a slower pace and gameplay; -improve the speed of menus that they will appear twice faster than before. How is that possible? Well, thanks...
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    Req: add to db the squads file!

    Is there a way to have the updated roster be applied to my personal-edited db? It seems to me that the original database on data1.big is refined and updated by the download of the new roster "Squads 809898" file on documents... But this update will change the modification of my db... Ex. My...
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    Sweat Effect edited by x119

    This thread should be removed, i'm sorry but I thought I fixed the bug, but it was a coincidence, with some ligthing the bug did not appear
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    Missing Minifaces

    In this forum I'm seeing a lot of talented guys but almost all of them are doing minifaces that are alreay there! So at the end we have 200 C.Ronaldo, Kakà and still missing minifaces! Why won't you guys try to complete the work of EA? Even togheter...You start with a League and togheter...