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    Be a Pro

    Ok guys, so how do i go about playing a season on the ps3 be a pro mode? i know i can create my own guy and play a season on the PC version.... please!!
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    Simple question when editing players

    hey guys when editing attributes of players is there a way to change the attributes quicker? coz if i hold the key then it takes AGES to get the attributes lets say from 50 to 80 and if i need to do this for 15 players for my squad then it can get frustrating!
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    Direct IP help

    Ok so me and my friend have been trying to do multiplayer -> direct ip. But it doesnt work, my ip shows up as because im on a wireless router, but i tried giving him my external ip ( and that didnt work. I also tried to connect to him (his proper IP shows up) but...
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    Wall option unlockable!

    Hey guys just got the game PC and incase there were some of you wondering you can unlock walls in the shop! :) games really good btw! just a few problems like dirt on the shirt (noob mistake) and dun really like/understand the trajectory shot! if anyone can explain!?? The longer i...
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    Fifa with analogue controller on PC?

    im sure there are many of you guys playing with an analogue controller (like the PS2 Controllers) so here's a question for you: Are you able to move your player at many various degrees or can you only use horizontal, verticals and diagonals? Thanks guys :) im asking coz i have an...
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    New Video!

    Guys i got an email from EA, check out the new video.. Does that work for you guys? Well it says "Fifa Street is LIVE", what do they mean by that? XBOX Live and PS2 LIVE? online?
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    The goal in the fifa2005 video

    you know the goal where rooney ( i believe ) shoots, the ball goes up and curves into the goal as he runs away, looking at the ball and when it goes in he cheers?? You guys must know it, its in one of those preview movies for fifa2005.. anwyay has anyone actually scored like that? i mustve...
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    Check this out its amazing!! :rockman:
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    Staff Upgrade

    Everytime i win a match i get about 10 points to upgrade my staff, which means i can upgrade a staff by 2 lines MAX. How come so little!???!?! ive been playing half a season and ive won 24/28 games and all my staff are about half way through level 0.!!! Is it normal ffor the staff to...
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    check out this cool trick

    get it HERE cool aii??:rockman: btw its only 700KB
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    Hey guys need easy help

    What are the different ID's for the different teams?? (need only the national countries but all will be fine) Thanks alot
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    My cheap gamepad

    Hey guys, i have a Play station like gamepad and i got a floppy with it. In the readme it says: "USB Twin Shocking Joypad" while the setup.exe it sas "USB Dual Vibration Joystick" (this is also the name in gamecontrollers menu.) It's just a cheap controller, NO BRAND but im wondering...
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    Is anyone else bored of Euro 2004 already? im bored of it, which is a shame coz its a perfect game. (On PC that is..) I've beaten euro 2004 in professional and i dont know if i want to do it again in world class. Waste of time?? And ive played all the game modes.. Hmm any suggestions...
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    Euro 2004 Is Out!!

    If anyone has played it on the PC can you tell me what it's like? I only have the PS2 version.. Are the graphics good? Or does it require a mega computer to run smoothly? Thanks
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    Chip shots possible

    First of all, i have the game.. And for those of you wondering, chip shots are possible!! //PS2// L1 + CIRCLE You can also manually do the following: Cross Through Pass Manual Pass (like in PES but alot easier, i never liked pressing the right analogue stick) //PS2// L1 +...
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    Gamepad Issues

    Ok i got some crap gamepad and i've done the regestry key trick (from fifa2k4 forum) and now my gamepad appears as the "Logitech Dual Action Pad" When i play fifa2004 i dont have the default PS2 controls (ie X is pass, O is shoot) And also when i try to use a customizer/demo editor they...
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    Able to change teams in carrer mode?

    Hey guys, Happy new years first of all.. i was wondering if u can and HOW u can change teams in the career mode.. i've been playing with juventus for 3 seasons and i feel like changing to ac milan.. do i have to start a whole new career or how can i change teams? thanks guys :rockman:
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    Save controller settings

    Hey Guys! was wondering how do you save the controller settings? like ive changed the buttons for my gamepad but everytime after starting up fifa2004 i have to re-change them.. ive tried saving to the profile after changing the controls but it doesnt seem to work.. or should it work...
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    SOLUTION:If u cant get your right analog stick to work

    HELP FROM: THANKS TO Chris Tse: "1. go to start > run 2. type in "regedit" and then enter 3. highlight "my computer" since you need to find from the very beginning 4. go to edit > find 5. type in "XXXXXX" - note : no quotation...
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    Bug Found

    OK. Have you ever done a through ball to find it rolling slowly by the edge of the penalty box the goalie comes running out and picks up the ball just before u get to it?? well this is what you do, when the goalie is straight onto you and is picking up the ball, quickly press A (slide...