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    9 Xbox 360 Screenshots .. Granted that's not ingame, but mother****!
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    Graphics problem w/ the demo! (screen attached)

    Remember when games used to work when you installed them?
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    Xbox 360 Gameplay movie: England - Germany

    Please delete this if it's allready been posted. I'm in a hurry ..
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    More 360 Screens ..{80153804-8CFA-454E-8C63-939A610CC9D7}
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    Raymond Lee (Lead Designer) Interview

    Maybe this has been posted before, news to me anyway.. ___________________________ We recently spoke with Lead Designer Raymond Lee from Electronic Arts Canada, on FIFA Street. We discussed with him what we can expect from FIFA Street, which soccer stars we can play, what his favorite...
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    Authentic Tv-Cameras ..

    Wouldn't you like the camera angle (broadcast camera or whatever they call it) to be exactly like they are in real life. I mean, on a stadium like Highbury the camera is really low and close to the pitch while the nou camp camera is up there with the clouds. They should try to capture how much...
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    I hate this move ..

    This one is over used like a moter****er .. Don't you just hate this move. Like every time you have a chance to make a quick play or whatever your forwad recive the ball like this. Why? Can't he just run along with the ball so he don't lose the his speed that he'll need to outrun his defender. I...
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    Wich grapgic card is best with fifa??

    I'm thinking about geting the radeon x800 xt or the geforce 6800 ultra ... Can't decide ... Wich card works beter with fifa .. ati or nvidia?? Share experiences and post some screenshots please =)
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    I can't run the game !!!!

    It says: The isn't correctly installed. Reinstall !!! I've done everything in the installation process. Why? Anyone else got the same problem? I have the Eng-Fra file. Maybe there's just that one ...
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    Nike Mercurial Vapor II (quality, lasting) ??

    What up ! It's time to buy new boots again and i really love the vapor boots, i just have one concern though .. Alot of people say they gonna be in horrible shape after training and playing with them alot ?? How's the actual facts ?? Don't give me any "i think they'll bla bla bla" .. i don't...
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    Why can I not run the demo ??

    Alright, i could run the demo like the first day it was released .. then i downloaded some demo raptor ( a few weeks back) and it ****ed it up so it didn't work .. If i reinstalled the game and tryed it again a got a message the game was not installed correct. The autostart after the...
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    Help me find this pic ( becks gun-metal tongue )

    Hey ! Can someone help me find a good quality shot of beckhams gun-metal predators with new tongue ? I really need it . I had a pic before but lost it, it said something about romeo and brooklyn, madrid under and some other text i couldn't read ! please help me out !!!!
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    A cool idea for all you kitmakers...

    Visible shinguards on white (light) socks. It looked pretty cool ingame. Has anybody else ever made this or am i the originator here ;) ??
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    CASHLESS bootpack v.3 READY !!

    Alright, mean while I wait for them lazy socceraccess staff members to upload the i file i sent them, I'll send out some previews if you wan't it ;) Just drop your e-mail in this tread.
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    Cashless boot thread...

    Alright..I'm a continue posting my boots here instead of posting in other peoples threats...So the new Mania boot gets the honor to be the first boot to be posted here.. You can also send me pictures of new boots if any will be released..
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    Nike Mercurial Vapor Grey-Red by cashless in 256x128

    Alrigth...Before i continue to remake my boots i wanna see an actual screenshot (post it here) when you have the 256x128 boot in the i can see if it's worth remaking's almost 2 months of work..
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    New boots by cashless

    This is the Umbro Xai III (Brand New) Can someone be kind enuff to try this boot for me so i see how it looks in the game, cause i don't have fifa at the moment... I'm a continue to droppin boots in this threat so look out =)
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    Last requsts for Cashless Bootpack vol.2 before releasing ???

    OK, if you have any more request of boots for my new bootpack before i release it, put it here then ! Here's a list of ready boots for the bootpack ! The bootpack will be released at Fifa Express today (friday) or tomorrow !! Adidas Predator Accelerator Black Adidas Predator Accelerator...
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    How would YOU like to change the craphicmodels for fifa 2004 ?

    Do you make and edit alot of faces, boots, kits, ad boards ect ? If you do, do you find the model you have to use from EA too complicated and strangely done ? I surely feel that way when i'm making boots. A big problem there is that you can't make a good inside of the boot when you made a...
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    Cashless Boot-pack 2003 READY !!!

    I'm about to send it to socceraccess as soon as Fede will go online =P Here is the official flyer =)