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    Faces by VfLer -->

    Late, but I've done some faces in the time I didn't post here at Everythings is or will be released @! :bouncy: Hope you like my work! :$ Ivo Ilicevic (VfL Bochum) Daniel Gunkel (Energie Cottbus)
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    -> VfLer's Sigs

    Hey guys, today I tried to do some more professionel signatures amd these are the results: Lukas Podolski Arjen Robben Maxi Rodriguez Christiano Ronaldo David Villa Do you have some comments for me? So I can improve the signatures in the future ...
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    |VfLer´s GraphiX|

    I started to make some flags for Fifa 06 and these are my first ones. VfL Bochum in 2GF: Any comments ?? :)
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    NEWS: Buy Fifa 06 in Germany !!!

    I've seen in our German Forum that you're able to buy Fifa 06 FULL in some shops. Here's a LINK to the thread and the persons who bought Fifa 06 made some screens, you can find the in the thread, too :ewan: The official release in Germany is the 29th September. I hope you'll be able to...
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    ..:: My faces for Fifa06 ::..

    I've started with making faces for Fifa 06 (Demo). Here's Alessandro Nesta [AC Milan] Any comments ?? :) greetz, VfLer
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    ..:: Faces in Fifa06 ::..

    I've played the Demo of Fifa06 and watched the faces. They're in the same format like the ones from Fifa05, so you can use the same faces in the future. The only differences are the names of the files, so the facemakers have to correct the names of their faces ... For example, Neville from...
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    ..:: VfLer's Face Factory Vol.2 ::..

    Because my old thread was very full and the first faces in this thread weren't good, I open a new thread. Here I'll post only good faces and I hope you'll comment them very often ;) I'll start with .... Denny Landzaat ( AZ Alkmaar )
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    There's a brandnew Fifa website, it's name: Project-Fifa Many great faces ,kits ,adboards everyday !!! I hope, you'll go to it very often ... ;) Link: <a href=""> Click here !!! </a> greetz, VfLer
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    "Unexpected Error"

    I've got a big silly problem. I've downloaded some programs for Fifa 2005 ( Music Changer; Ball Revolution 2005; Boot-Importer;...) But when i want to start the programs or to import Balls into the game, there's always an "Unexpected Error". Can someone plz help me ??? :( I've tested it...
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    How can I give a face to a player, who hasn't a special face???

    Can somebody answer these question? For example, I want to give Vratilav Lokvenv (VfL Bochum) a special face which i made, waht do I have to do? Or works this only with the CC, which is ready in December? greetz, VfLer
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    VfLer's Facethread 2005

    Hello Everybody! I've just started with making Faces and these are my first ones. So please, don't be too hard with me! I will start with 2 Faces: Bernd Schneider (Bayer 04 Leverkusen) and Robert Vittek (1. FC Nürnberg): Comments please!