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    3D Grass Appears In Skill Games While Loading The Match i think it's a glitch though.. watch in HD to see it more clearly.. Do you think we can make this happen during the game in be a pro mode???
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    FIFA 13 In Window Mode

    If i choose window mode in game setting the game will become unplayable stutter/frameskip/lag. However, if i play full screen (stuttering cutscene, sometime gameplay) then press Alt+Enter to change to window mode, It will run perfectly smooth for a while then it will become stutter again and i...
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    Why Do My Cutscenes Stutter So Much ?

    not during gameplay though, Fraps shows constant 60fps all the time except when CPU scores right before they celebrate framerate suddenly drop to 54. However during cinematic like substitution, entering the stadium, walking to changing room are stutters real bad. It's really annoying...
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    FIFA12 3D grass is missing. How can i bring them back??

    since update patch via origin my 3d grass is gone. Any idea how to bring this back. What file do i have to edit?? the pitch look real ugly. Thanks
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    My FIFA12 super Lag!!!

    Need help please .. My PC can run FIFA11 fine although there're some stuttering during replay or cut scene ... However with FIFA12 the replay and cut scene are smooth as silk but during gameplay, it lags like hell .... especially when you pass or cross the ball My rig is AMD X2 6000+ VGA...
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    i heard from podcast that there'll be another patch soon for FIFA11 but ...

    i think it is only for X360 and PS3 becasue in podcast i didn't heard any of them mention anything about PC. hooley for console guy ... hopefully next Wed. ... and it'll fix career mode and online mode as well for PC guy (me too) ... it's hurt a lot. if anyone have the login to ea...
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    How can i import player's head model after i edited it in Blender??

    and with those player who don't have face ID such as Chicarito how can i add to him???
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    Why head preview that you guys shown in forum are different when it's in the game??

    i've seen Ronney preview version from Mystic.. It's superb but when you see it's in the game it looks more like Demon-troll Do we need to import a new model to the game?? and How??
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    replay not lag when play online ... this is weird!!!

    i noticed it when i go online and play agaist my friends .. there's no laggy replay!! no laggy cutscene!! eventhough sometime gameplay is lag but i think it's because my internet connection ... so there's must be some thing mod can do to fix this laggy cutscene or replay problem.
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    I can't see face texture in Blender, How can i??

    i manage to import head model in Blender but i can't see the face texture at all?? How can i import texture to Blender?
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    What do i need if i want to create the face for FIFA11??

    i've seen those amazing works from people in this forum and strarting to feel wanna try to make some as well. What program do i need to get model and textures from the game? and i know some of you guys use blender to modify the models ..Can i use Maya for that?? thanks
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    what's the differences between WORLDCALSS and LEGENDARY level

    i just unlock the legendary level ..and can't notice any different.
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    fifa07 VS UEFA07

    i've been playing PES series for a while but after i got uefachampionleague07 i start to come back and play this thing from ea sport again ...good thing is i have a good fun playing UEFA07 except i feel gameplay is a little but slow the rest is fine ... then i realize that why don't i...
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    i noticed some sloppy animation when switching player

    i don't know how to explain this but it's not stuttering problem cause i alredy got no dvd replace an original exe. but as long as i been playing pes6 i noticed that my player and cpu have some sloppy animation sudden change ( turn back suddenly to recieve the ball) when u press...