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    Back of the net is back. I know that pretty much nobody reads this forum, but I also know that two or three of our long term members at BOTN did read about it when I made a thread here years ago, so it was definitely worth posting back then. Therefore I'm going to post now...
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    Led Zep!

    Apparently doing a one off gig with Bonzo's son on drums. Awesome! Let's hope they do a good job and decide to tour.
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    My car got flame grilled.

    Last Sunday I had some friends at my house. One rather drunk one noticed flames coming from the road and laughed about it, then started talking about some band he had seen. Then more people saw so we investigated to find my car in flames. We sat about watching it burn, with explosions, before...
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    Can't play a DVD

    I am in England and I can't play a DVD on my DVD player because it says check regional code or something. Now since I don't have a clue about that I thought I would try to play it on the PC. That also doesn't work. Is there some way I can make it play on the PC?
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    Hearts new manager

    is a peado! ''Rix acknowledged that his 1999 conviction for unlawful sex with a 15-year-old girl and indecent assault had led to opposition from some elements of Hearts' support.'' That means he was 41 at...
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    Best forum type

    I am making a forum so I just want to know what people recommend as being the one I should use. So which is the best? thanks
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    Worst reffing in the WORLD. EVER.

    We are playing a match, and draw 5-5. The other team say 'we deserved to win that'. The ref says 'you did win', claiming the score was 6-4. They say, 'we thought it was a draw'. We say 'ref, it was 5-5.' So he changes the score to 5-5, and it remains as 5-5 on the official website. This...
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    Botn This is a free online football management game with the Premier league and Div1. It does not work on firefox or opera apparently. We are trying to solve this. We have about 35 members and 44 teams, so there are a few vacancies. It's a fairly small community but it...
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    Why wont this work on firefox?

    Ok, I have this website - . It works on internet explorer, but it does not work on firefox, and probably some other ones. It is made from 4 text boxes with stuff in and a menu bar. So it isn't exactly complex. On firefox the menu bar works, but the text boxes just have...
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    football team logos

    does anyone know of a place where i can find football logos other than just searching for each individual team badge on their official sites or in a search engine? im thinking people who make those signature things might have a source or something. i am interested in premiership teams. thanks...
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    anyone know what esms is?
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    new manager game

    i was looking for a while to see if there was an online manager game which had real people in it as your opposition, and i found sundayleague but it wasnt real teams so it didnt appeal to me. however after much searching i found this is a small online manager game...