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    new konami uodate problem

    i have just updated to the latest konami update and my team logos and team names were back to the original (destroyed premier league etc). Then i loaded my old option file and everithing was normal again plus the correct and changed national teams..... how does this works? everytime a new...
  2. J

    New PES2010 1.03 Patch & New Konami DLC 1.03

    Its my mistake that i did not explained.... i have the original pes 2010 installed at my desktop gaming pc which has not access to the internet. So i download everything through my laptop. Any help to apply the dlc ofline will be of extreme importance for me. Thanks very much in advance
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    New PES2010 1.03 Patch & New Konami DLC 1.03

    I have also noticed a short of improved gameplay but i a still sceptic. Anyway could you help me apply the dlc update cause i pasted it into the games folder and nothing happened