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    Co Adriaanse new FC Porto coach

    Dutch newspapers report AZ Alkmaar's Co Adriaanse has signed a three year deal with FC Porto. Adriaanse will leave AZ at the end of this season and will be succeeded by Louis van Gaal.
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    Terri Schiavo

    I've followed this sad situation with great interest because of two reasons. First off because of the euthanasia debate and secondly because of the media and politcal crazyness around it. In Holland euthanasia is regulated by law. We have guidelines for doctors on how and when to perform...
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    L.A. Confidential

    Last night this film was on TV here. I had seen it before, but yesterday it struck me, what a great, great film it is. I really loved how it was filmed, great dialogues, good acting. Top class.
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    Maarten's sig request

    Could someone make me the gayest sig ever? (H) I'm serious though. I'd like to have the gayest sig on these boards.
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    (H) My new hero... check this guy out (H)!!!!!
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    Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell killed in on stage shooting This is insane. Pantera's music was always a bit too heavy for me, but Dimebag absolutely kicked ass on guitar... Among the best heavy metal guitarists ever...
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    To buy an Apple iPod Mini, or not to buy an Apple iPod Mini.

    At the moment I've got money to spend. A pleasent situation to be in I can tell you. I'm doing an internship at a consultancy agency which pays me to talk poo and not work hard. Last weeks I've been drooling over the iPod Mini and a BOSS ME-50 guitar effects box. I've decided to first have a...
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    Good parenting: selling son's PS2 on ebay

    This is great... (H) :rockman:
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    Jaap Stam to retire from international service after EC. reports that Stam will quit playing for Holland after the EC, because he wants to concentrate on AC Milan andspend more time with his family. I respect his decision, but it certainly sucks. It leaves us with a crap defence.
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    Does anyone here own any albums made by Buckethead, or is a fan of his work? I find this guitarist who was Slash's followup in the new Guns N Roses (but has already left again) to be amazing. This guy can play everything, techno, metal, funk, jazz.
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    10 years later, RIP Kurt Cobain

    April 5th, Kurt Cobain blew his brains out exactly 10 years ago. Since he's definately one of my heroes I just felt I had to post this. Rest in peace Kurt.
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    Funny game: hit the pinguin enjoy. My top score is 320.5
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    Carreer mode: Buying and selling players?

    Ok here's something I can't figure out. When you play in the carreer mode, everytime you "return" from a game you get this menu where you can train your team, read team news and also have a look at the transfer market. My question is how on earth you buy and sell players. Maybe I'm doing...
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    Buying new gfx card: your opinion.

    Ok I've been playing FIFA2004 for two days on my pc, and I'm not happy with the graphics. I want to upgrade my videocard. But keep in my mind that I'm not a hardcore gamer, I just play a game now and then, so I'm not going spend 100's of €'s on it. Currently I use an nVidia GeForce 2 mx 32mb. My...
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    Problem: Fifa crashes to desktop

    Hi guys, yesterday I got my hands on FIFA 2004. I hadn't played a game from the series for about two years but I was excited about this one. I installed the game and started it. Everything was fine up until the moment the players get onto the field and you're about to kick off. The screen went...
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    Fancy a Lada?

    Just saw this on Ebay. BBC's Top Gear have rebuilt a lada (eastern european car). It rocks!
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    Chelsea after Van Nistelrooij

    After going after Henry, now it's Ruud's turn. Read this.
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    Nicky Butt may leave ManUtd

    Just read this at the BBC Football site. I can't really blame him. I think he's an exceptional player, who would be a starter at almost any other club, but because of Roy Keane he never could really play himself in the first...
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    Blazin' Squad

    I saw this video on TV last night and it just made me crack up. The video was called "flip reverse it" and I just couoldn't stop laughing. What are the wankers thinking? They were acting so cool and tough... who are these guys, do they represent british youth? They're pathetic.
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    The Darkness, anyone?

    Just bought their album, after listening to it on my pc for a while. I think it's all so over the top that it's hilarious, ******* brilliant actually. I'm totally digging it musically wise. The guys know how to play their instruments, the voice of Justin gets on my nerves now and then, but it's...