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    cliffjumper's Stadium Updates

    I want to find someone who updates the converted MB-Arena. Today I was on a VfB-Fantour and shot some pictures of the empty arena. If someone wants to update the stadium plz PM me and I will upload the pics. Sorincocor already tried to change some things for me. Maybe it's possible for him to...
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    Cliffjumper's Faces

    Hello guys. I have converted all my Bundesliga Faces from FIFA 15 - I only convert if there`s no FIFA 16 version in this forum or if the FIFA 15 version is of better quality. This are over 50 faces from different facemakers. Then maybe I'll add some missing VfB faces in the future. I'll keep...
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    Cliffjumper's Faces

    Hello guys, this year I tried to make some faces with the help of facegen but I still have problems with shiny/bright and buggy textures. Is there someone who can say me what I'm maybe doing wrong? I'm doing everything like in the video-tutorial...
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    Cliffjumpers FIFA 14 Faces

    Hello to everyone. In this thread I'll show my new FIFA 14 faces. Is it now possible to get the new facegen-files into FIFA 14 or do we have to wait till CM14 is released?
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    Cliffjumper's Faces

    Reserved. After exams I'll buy FIFA 13 and will try to convert+update my faces! Here you get: Gentner, Holzhauser, Tasci, Ulreich, Okazaki, Ibisevic and Kvist. Ibisevic Update...
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    Cliffjumpers VfB Faces

    Hello guys. Here are some VfB-Faces. Maza: without hair (Model: Begovic), Ulreich: complete (Model: Lovren Dejan), Schieber: is just an Model suggestion, problems with texture (Model: Baker Nathan) Gebhart: I have to change hair color :) I used some parts of benchwarmers Gebhart texture...
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    I've got a big problem in fifa 12. there's a bug in the offside-regulation. if i'm playing the ball with a wide pass and one player of me is offside but an other player gets the ball the offical says offside and the offside-line is by the player who hasn't got the ball. does anybody have this...
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    VfB Face Collecting Thread

    Hello everyone, in this thread I will post some VfB faces made by me. Here everyone can post faces of the VfB-players. If anyone want to modify my faces to make them more realistic he has the permission to do it. My aim: To have the best looking VfB-faces. This are my first VfB-faces...
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    Cliffjumpers Faces (VfB)

    Hey guys.. here are my first VfB-Faces ;) lg Cliff