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    I m searching for playergrowth.ini a good one for my edited version of game. Can someone send me a good one because I couldn t found in here for fifa 15?
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    Big Miniface Pack Request

    Can someone send me a link or upload somewhere a big miniface pack. In here I only found 10-20 faces made by request, but I haven t found a big miniface pack. Please someone :)
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    Creation Master 15 Problem

    My problem is that when I click on the icon CM15, it doesn t open. Nothing happens. Please help me I've spent 6 hours of finding solutions and nothing..... Latest Direct X, Latest Video Drivers Net Framework 4, Win 7. PLEASE :taz:
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    Wages Help

    Hey can someone send me or upload it somwhere a WAGE.INI , becasue i want to reduce the player demands when i sign them please? :)
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    CM error pelase help me

    When I moved some of the fre agents to random team CM stopped working and I've closed it with task manager. Then I can t start the game and the CM. I got thiss error pelase help me :( See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog...
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    Please help me

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    Fifa 12 with fifa 14 things?

    Is there a patch made by someone with the fifa 14 's kits, transfers, players and more..... I don t like fifa 14 i want to continue playing fifa 12 bec it s still better... :)
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    deleted free agents by miss clicking

    Hi there I have a problem, I've missclicked and deleted the league and team called Free Agents.... now in the game when I click release player It throws me out of the game... and when I click ont the sector Free Agent which is next to Transfer List same... Can I somehow back the old files? :O
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    Scouting Question

    Hey all. I got a problem with my patch. I m using BFL patch (bulgarian footbool lague). I got many scouts with same names Kiril Akalski. I've bought him. Then scouted in bulgaria and all the players where in different positions skills but with the same names Kiril Akalski, how can i change...
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    Heading (Shooting)

    Is there a way to change the percentege of scoring with head. I want to increase it, can someone helpme ?
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    Career Mode Question

    Hi all! I was wondering how much are the seasons on fifa 13 ? I am now 2026 and i want to seee The end of the world in the game :D