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    fakefisher's Stadium Previews

    I am making some staff (intro/stadiumUI/stadium screnassets)for Shawminator 's FIFA 14 Stadium Server welcome to anybody sharing his work here as well as post some stadium preview photos or videos as material。 Intro UEFA Euro 2016 official intro movie Stadium Previews the Stadium...
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    CK Graphic (Intro/Fonts/Wipe3d ETC)

    I 'd made much Graphic Of Fifa13 Most focus in Asia/China Zone and Brazil World Cup . first Sharing Work The RTWC Theme contain flowing Banner CM Intro Pic Background Intro Movie Start Screen 3D wipe of WC asia qualify/WC euro qualify/World Cup 2014/Fifa Confederations Cup 2013 (need...
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    Pacaembu Stadium for FIFA13 by CK

    Pacaembu Stadium the module maybe come from PES6,I convert to FIFA13, add some interesting feature. so far DAY only
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    How To Install New Stadiums (Research)

    I think many people as well as me struggles to deal with a stadium problem-Why All stadium must replacing a existing Stadium ? This year EAs improve the stadium technology called "Automatic Lighting System " and "Dynamic Lighting System",this System take over control the lightiing and...
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    CK Stadium Converted

    I convert two FIFA13 Stadium of German Bundesliga Stuttgart——Mercedes-Benz Arena Guimattos converted last year download here Monchengladbach——Borussia-Park credits to BFL TEAM download here you can find Some Photograph in my post...
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    how to buy career mode pack via fifa store

    I've create some teams in EA's Creation Centre ,but its doesn't appear in the career mode , we need to purchase a addition pack named Career mode pack. But the PC version FIFA12 can't buy this pack via In-game store. also not available in Origin Store, how can we buy it? If anybody had...
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    FIFA12 ID list of all players

    A totally FIFA12 ID list of the players for the 3D faces.potential,AGE abstract for the fifa12 database, I think some facemaker and patchmaker will need it download here or here
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    fifa12 Surprising CM patch by fakefisher

    "How To achieve UEFA Leagues In First Season Of Career Mode?" using texture editer? career mode editor? cm12 ? now you can try this This is an auto locate /auto install /auto regenerate Program. also enhance some gameplay experience of career mode 1.the player especially talent grow up a...
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    [CKworkshop]fifa11 2011-12 summer roster update patch

    [CKworkshop]fifa11 2011-12 summer roster update patch instruction: -complete summer transfer update for all leagues -this patch will replace your database file. -theoretically it support all the fifa11 1.01 system whether you had any patch installed you can reinstall your favorite...
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    latest transfer update (.squads file)

    complete summer transfer update for all leagues I think someone need it. this first time I post and release in this forum,hope you guys like it!!:bob: Summer transfer V2 download here instruction: -it's for a pure origin database only -extract the file and copy to...