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    SF #2: Russia vs. Spain [P+R]

    This is something I copied from another forum, and someone was sharp to notice this interesting scenario: If Russia beat Spain in the semifinal and beats Germany in the final, they would have avenged every single Euro final they had lost in one tournament. Spain 1964 FINAL Spain 2-0 USSR...
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    Uefa Cup

    matches become boring when you don't know 1/2 the players. aside from that, id say the most boring games are the barca-manu games..
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    Uefa Cup

    The Zenit players celebrated the goals like they knew they were gonna score them.... especially the 2nd one.
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    Champions League - Last Sixteen - 2007/2008

    This week's UCL and UEFA Cup freakishly similar... Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea (Kuyt, Riise (OG)) Bayern 1 - 1 Zenit (Ribery, Lucio (OG)) Other 2 games ended 0-0
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    Uefa Cup

    Bayern had to choose between losing like Arsenal or pulling a Man U.
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    Rumours Center

    Schalke signed Ze Roberto already, but not the Bayern one.
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    The CM08 thread

    Hi, The way CM08 calculates ratings for RWB and LWB seems to be inconsistent with the way its calculated in FIFA08.
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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

    did u guys all see the middle finger?
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    What does your team need from the transfer market?

    in fact hargreaves is awesome rb
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    Who's Rodrigo Palacio?

    a wannabe jedi
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    OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008

    Ayala (Valencia) -> Zaragoza 6 mil
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    Copa América 2007, Semi-Final: Uruguay vs. Brazil [P+R]

    whats the goalkeeper off the line rule? i always thought when the kicker starts his run, the goalkeeper can go off his line?
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    What would be your dream team?

    --------------Buffon---------------- Sagnol-Mertesacker-Puyol-Zambrotta C. Ronaldo-Gerrard-Ballack-Ronaldinho ---------------Kaka----------------- ---------------RVN----------------- oh no..... no leftie :P
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    German Bundesliga Thread [2006/2007]

    wait till borowski comes back. just hope werder doesnt get complacent.
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    [R]Euro 2008 Q - San Marino v Germany [R]

    yea it hurts to see this kind of humiliation. why not let the smaller nations play among themselves first then have the top teams join the big boys in the main qualifier.
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    [R]Euro 2008 Q - San Marino v Germany [R]

    way to rig goal difference. lets predict Germany - San Marino now!!
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    Bayern München Thread [2006/2007]

    i'd love to keep Santa Cruz around just to get a glimpse of his wife once in a while :)