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    Hair Converter 2005

    Hey guys, I'm searching for the Hair Converter 2005. To geht more pieces of informations you should read The download link doesn't exist, would be nice, if some body who has the converter, could upload it. Thx!:)
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    Faces by Atze @

    Hey mates! I hope you know me. Now I'm back with our new homepage My first project was Facepack for Borussia Dortmund: DOWNLOAD Today I finished our AS Rom Facepack: Soon @ FifaDome I hope you like them;)
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    Faces by DJ Atze

    Here I will show you my faces for Fifa 06. My first face is Steven Pienaar (Ajax Amsterdam): Comments please;)
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    Faces with the same Index.fsh

    Hi. I have a problem. I made Ajax faces for the demo, but de Jong, Galásek and Pienaar are maken by the Pennnat face. So they all have de Jong's faces texture. Pennant too.:( So my question is , how i can edit/fix this? I have the same problem with Stekelenburg and Heitinga. Maybe is...
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    DJ Atze's Face Thread

    These are my first Fifa 05 Faces: Please Comments. Thx!:)