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    WC Round of 16: Portugal vs Netherlands [P] + [R]

    Thanks. I've alrady taken my loss. We've not been dealt good cards this WC, first with group we were in and right after that a good team like Portugal. I knew it was going to be difficult. We've been difficult to beat, but we've also hard a time to create stuff. From the first game against...
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    WC Round of 16: Portugal vs Netherlands [P] + [R]

    What a game. I haven't posted/read on this forum for a while but just reading a few pages back in this forum completely justifies that. Most of you are a bunch of total retards. I think every slightly objective fan around the world would agree with me that it was the ref that killed this...
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    Ruud United Exit Imminent ?

    Why are you all so naive about this? So what if Ruud said stuff about fathers to Ronaldo? Do you really think it's all love and happiness in a pro football team? Of course Ruud was out of line, but things like that happen, big deal. Ronaldo is Quirarse's little baby-boy. Ronaldo has no...
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    The kid is amazing with the outside of his foot... and his crossing is (Y).
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    [P/R] Man City vs Man United

    What the hell is everybody raving about Ronaldo's tackle? Yeah it was a bad one, a red card. So? It's not even close to the worst of the season. Have any of you hypocrites looked at Gerrard and Essien two-footed challenges this season? Go whine about that. Ronaldo was frustrated, lunged out...
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    [P/R] Man City vs Man United

    Hahaha. :( What else but laughing can I do?
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    MSN Messenger Official Thread

    Does anyone know if MSN MEssenger for Mac supports the iSight camera? I'd like to know because I'll soon be switching to an iMac...
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    Holland Or Netherlands?

    I'm not sure if this is true but I think most of the world calls The Netherlands Holland because of the past. In the 18th century ruled the seas, we had the first mulitnational company in the VOC, the shipping company that brought products from all over the world to the Netherlands. That company...
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    Language problem hinders Redknapp

    True, it seems a bit arrogant. However, if I was working in another country I would try to learn the language as soon as possible. Luckily I'm dutch, speaking foreign languages is one of our talents ;).
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    Your take on the Real Madrid Crisis

    ...and balance. And don't give me that "Chelsea can buy 30 players in 2 seasons" crap. It's well known that Real Madrid were always buying all the stars before Abramovich came onto the scene. Instead of buying two stars they didn't really need, Real Madrid should have bought four players that...
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    Can you spot the 75 bands in this picture?

    I came up with: B52's Gorrilaz / Monkees Eagles Rolling Stones Guns n Roses Queen Matchbox 20 Whitesnake Led Zeppelin Blues Brothers Sex Pistols Scissor Sisters Crowded House Smashing Pumpkins Black Flag Deep Purple The Cars Beach Boys Garbage Alice in Chains Red Hot Chili...
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    The group mentality on SG

    Great post. There are tons of retards on this forum, tons of retarded cliques and tons of normal people who treat a forum like it should: a place to discuss something now and then. My advice is to just don't be bothered with the majority of the members. Remember, it's only an internet...
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    Roy Keane Leaves Man Utd [R]

    Stunning to say the least. Footballing wise it doesn't really matter, because as much as I love Roy Keane, he wasn't up for it anymore anyway. It is a bit of a sad way for a legend to leave a club, but then again, we're talking about Roy Keane here, nothing with him ever is normal...
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    Official guitar thread

    They're though indeed. Listen to Zakk Wylde, he uses them way too often, but certainly knows how to play 'em. Having said that, playing through active EMG pickups certainly helps.
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    Argentina vs. England {P & R}

    From what I've read from the non-english press, who are usually slightly more objective, England were getting owned by Argentina, except for when Pekerman took off his best players...
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    Holland vs. Italy [P+R]

    I reckon it will be a boring, boring game, with a lousy 1-1 result.
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    FFA Rejects Time Change

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    Is it stupid to assume Mourinho is the best coach ever?

    Completely agree. I never said Mourinho wasn't good, I'm just saying I don't believe he is as good as everybody (media) make him out to be.
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    Middlesbrough v Man Utd [P+R]

    I completely agree with you, but I fail to see how this proves that Van Nistelrooij can't play in a 4-4-2 system...
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    Middlesbrough v Man Utd [P+R]

    I'm sorry but that's retarded. Have you ever seen Van Nistelrooij play at PSV? He played together with Nilis there and they were quite awesome to be honest. Rooney and Van Nistelrooij are two excellent players to play in a 4-4-2, have Rooney circle around Van Nisteltooij, who can hold up the...