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    Eaztzydes Boots

    Hello, this is my first boot, the new adidas predator powerswerwe Beckham: [URL=] I know it sucks, but thats why i´m uploading it, so that maybe you guys can tell me whats wrong with it. And for your own best, don't use it :taz:
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    Zidane and others

    Does anyone know which id Zidane and other classic playes have?? Cuz ive managed to find Shearer,Seaman and Scholl:D
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    Fatbh builder please:S

    I really need a working fatbh builder, cause the 0.9 just mess up my game:S anyone who can fix it??plz
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    No-cd/dvd patch??

    Does anyone know where to find this?? Plz really need it
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    Fifa 07 teams??

    Is it possible to import teams from fifa 07 into the fifa 08 demo?? Plz respond if you know how to.
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    The Official Hamburger Sport Verein Thread [2007/2008]

    Since i couldn't find a thread like this, i decided to make one myself:D In this thread you can discuss such things as which is the best HSV song and who is the next transfer to the club:D Since i am swedish, i wonder if there is any scandinavian Supporters club?? Cheers £@ZtZ¥Ð€
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    No faces:S

    Some of my players, like Luis Garcia and Javi Mascherano, has no faces. anyone who knows ´how to do??
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    3rd kits problem?

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    3rd kits problem?

    I have done my own team, Sennans IF. But when i want to buy the 3rd kit the game just crashes to detskop:S can someone help me??
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    Second season Career problem:S

    Can someone help me with the second season on my career?? I can´t start it. I have edited some stuff with creation master 07. Plz Help:)