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    UniDB 4.0 Out @

    A new version of UniDB is now out at FIFA ECP. Version 4.0 fully supports FIFA 06 as well as providing backwards compatibility for previously supported versions of FIFA, EURO etc. UniDB allows you to convert EA Sports' *.db database file format to Microsoft Access and vice versa...
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    Change half length + loads of settings

    You can now change half length and loads of other settings using FIFA 06 Settings. With this, you can change half length from 1 sec to 45 minutes or more. Furthermore, you can change display, gameplay, debug, sound, camera and graphics settings. Get it at FIFA ECP.
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    New version of fatgui

    A new version of fatgui is now available from FIFA ECP. This new version supports new FIFA 06 file formats as well as maintaining support for previous versions of FIFA which require fifa.fat regeneration. Note that the author of fatGUI is Arushan.
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    Edit config.dat using BigGUI

    You can edit config.dat in the FIFA 06 demo by using a patched version of the popular BigGUI program. This patcher can be downloaded at FIFA ECP. Make sure you have the latest version of BigGUI (v0.42r3) available here. Disclaimer: BigGUI is NOT produced by ECP or...
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    --> Official SG Kit Making Award <--

    As the FIFA 2004 Season draws a close and the new FIFA 2005 Season opens, we at Soccer Gaming would like to thank our supporters, especially those who contribute a lot to the community. And arguably, those who contribute the most consistently, and usually in frightening speeds are the...
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    Import/Export/View Big (zdata) for FIFA 2005

    FIFA 2005 Big Archiving Kit at FIFA ECP FIFA ECP have now released a set of programs which will enable you to edit the zdata_XX.big in FIFA 2005. It is basically three programs: - FixBig2005: This enables you to read the bigs using any BIG editing software as before, e.g. BigGUI. -...
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    Edit FIFA 2005 database with UniDB @

    You can now edit the FIFA 2005 rosters and database by using UniDB 3.0. Version 3.0 adds FIFA 2005 support, where you can export FIFA 2005 databases (.db files) as well as FIFA 2004 and UEFA EURO 2004 formats. You can then view the exported MDB database using Microsoft Access 97/2000/XP...
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    Possible final teams list, as extracted from demo

    extracted this from the db 1 Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 3 Blackburn Rovers 4 Bolton Wanderers 5 Chelsea 7 Everton 8 Leeds United 9 Liverpool 10 Manchester City 11 Manchester United 12 Middlesbrough 13 Newcastle United 14 Nottm Forest 15 Queens Park Rangers 17...
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    Create team/Promote/Relegate and edit database with DBEdit++

    Today, we present you with the next version of DBEdit++. Version 3.0 incoporates compatibility with FIFA 2004 back into the program, as well as continuing the support for UEFA EURO 2004. Using the same interface, it makes the editing of both games as simple as possible. There is a wealth of...
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    DBEdit++ v3.1 database editor for EURO 2004 @

    Today, we are glad to bring you the first full-blown complete database editor for EA Sports' UEFA EURO 2004. DBEdit++ provides you with all the editing capabilities that you can think of for the database. From editing players attributes to creating teams, it should make the lives of roster...
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    Import into zdata using fatGUI @

    Today, we bring you another simple but utterly useful program in fatGUI. fatGUI is a simple program written by Arushan which regenerates the fifa.fat file in FIFA 2004 and Euro 2004, so that you can import files into the zdataXX.big files in .\data\. Previously, it was not possible to import...
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    New version of UniDB

    The database conversion tool that converts any EA Sports database file (*.db) into Microsoft access databases is now back with a second version. It fixes a few small problems that existed in the previous version and also incoporates faster algorithms to improve conversion speed. Download...
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    Edit Euro 2004 database with UniDB @

    UniDB v2.0 has now been released at FIFA ECP. UniDB is a simple program which converts EA Sports Databases (*.db) into Microsoft Access Databases (*.mdb). Version 2.0 supports Euro 2004 databases as well as the FIFA 2004 databases. This will enable you to add/edit/delete player/team in both...
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    Creation Centre?

    I read thru the last 10 pages or so of the old Euro 2004 thread and searched for it in that thread, it doesnt seem there's any news about a Creation Centre yet for Euro 2004. Can anybody shed any light on this please? Thank you.
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    Leoforos (Panathinaikos) stadium RELEASED @ Author: Nikos (assisted by Schwenker)
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    Millennium Stadium RELEASED @
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    Fritz Walter Stadion (Kaiserslautern Stadium) @
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    Stadium Installer + Ibrox @

    "The long awaited Stadium Installer has now been released. Stadium Installer is a utility for installing stadiums in FIFA 2004 or TCM 2004, and it is a utility like no other. Not only it installs the stadium model and texture files, it also allows editing of the database so that the correct...
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    The Ultimate Database Editor is at

    The ultimate FIFA 2004 database editor is now out. It is definitely the most innovating and functionable program released as yet, with many features never offered to FIFA 2004 fans before. ECP DBEdit has been a project solely carried out by ECP member, Hercules, offering you the best and...
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    2GK 2004: Coming soon at and

    Today, we bring you fantastic news on the kit making scene. 2GK is coming your way courtesy of joint work by FIFA ECP and Soccer Access. 2GK, short for 2nd Generation Kits, is a new way of making kits. Basically, it increases the size of the kit texture, but keeping the template UV mapping...