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    Arsenal - 2003/2004 English Premier League Champions

    On the brink: Thierry Henry leads the celebrations for Arsenal Today, one this very minute, Arsenal have won the English Premier League for season 2003/2004, and at White Hart Lane no less. Despite a late penalty being awarded to Tottenham, if is now all over, and Arsenal, having being...
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    Rebecca's Story: World Exclusive - Sky

    Got that in my Sky E-mail today, srry if it's old.
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    To Wolf

    I've just been browing and downloading various things from your site, and it appears one or more files on your site have spyware in them (My Search toolbar) and some Bargain Buddy thing, thought i'd let you know, and here are the files i downloaded. Delle Alpi Update (Ghost Face), Arsenal...
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    Short sleeved keeping tops...

    I figured this was the best place to post this, I'm a GK and for a while I have been looking for a short sleeved goal keeping shirt to purchase, and so far I haven't found any in my city (I still got one place left to go) and I was wondering if anyone knew of some sites to purchase them. Cheers.
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    Kit Designs 04-05

    For the past 30 mins or so I have been working on kit designs that I think clubs could/should wear next season. All of these are original, though I have taken ideas from other places, and I used the template thing in the Aberdeen thread, so cheers for that. Arsenal Home and Away...
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    Stuff I'm doin

    I'm workin on this, and i'm not to sure about it, i wanna change the background 'n do stuff with the DJBP bit, but i'm not to sure, anyone got some suggestions?
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    Deus Ex Invisible War Anyone?

    Anyone here played this game? I got it this week, and its a great game, worthy sequel to Deus Ex if i may say so, the only prob i have with it is probably that the locations are split into more maps than in the first one.
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    The differences between Europe and Italy

    Dunno if this has been posted, but I thought it was quite funny:D Italy and Europe
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    My Arsenal Game

    Thought I'd post a thread on how my first season went (first game as well). Not to bad, here are my manager stats plus a few other screenies.
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    Transfer Bug

    I was playing CM 03/04 yesterday, and I was in pre-season, AC Milan offered me 10.5 million pounds, plus Rivaldo for Robert Pires, and since I have a player to fill the position he was playing (not to mention Pires was playing badly) i accepted. So, they offer Pires the contract, i offer...
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    Latest Wallpapers

    Here are my latest wall papers, I'm dodgy at this stuff, and on the first one, that was the best pic of her that I could find (of that particular pic). Here they are: Second: Yeah yeah, I suck, but I like her, so... (BTW, both are :rockman: Keira Knightley:rockman: )
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    Need for Speed: Underground *Warning to 56kers*

    Fun game, this is only from the demo since I'm playing the full game to much to bother about taking screenshots:rockman:
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    Latest and Greatest... not THAT great though.

    Ok, well, here is my latest and greatest sigs, not amazing compared to what the other guys can do, but hey, i'm not very good with this stuff. Bergkamp: Henry: Freddie: Well, there they are, did them all in about 15 mins total (long time I know), but would like some comments.
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    Keira Knightley Wallpaper

    Ok, here goes: I ain't very good at this stuff, but would like some opinions.
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    Dennis Bergkamp Tribute Video

    Here's a little tribute video i made of Dennis Bergkamp. If anyone with better hosting can get the file and download it, then upload it to their webspace, i'd be 4eva grateful. Anyway, if you could just tell me what you think of the video, here's a link to the site (copy and paste it into a...
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    Does anyone know any good places for hostings videos (in MPEG incase that matters) since I've made a Dennis Berkgamp Tribute video, and I'd like some opinions on it. Anyone know a good place?
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    Wtf!?!? Not Fair!

    I just logged onto my MZ, and went to check up on my matches, and I noticed my league game went from a 2-2 draw, to a 2-3 loss!? Whats up with that!?
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    .bat Problems

    I am having problems when trying to open .bat files. I get a window saying that i cannot find the file that I opened (the .bat file) and then I have to press OK and nothing happens. Anyone know what I could do to fix it?
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    What do you think?

    What yousa thinks of my new siggy? Nat Portman :hump: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :hump:
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    My new England home kit

    Tell me what ya think!