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    Is there a NHL version of this forum?

    I wonder if there are any forums like this but for NHL, I really want to mod the NHL-games too!;)
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    Helsingborgs IF-Malmö FF The Movie! Helsingborgs IF-Malmö FF 3-1 The Movie with Battleship Potemkin soundtrack by Pet Shop Boys. One For All And All For One! A movie about when HIF won the Skåne-derby against MFF with 3-1 (the latest match between these two teams) made by me!:)
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    Import a stadium made in Rhino 3D?

    Is it possible?
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    Head back to GK?

    Is it possible to head back to the goalkeeper? When i try, the player just jump and almost not even touch the ball and the other teams strikers takes the ball...
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    Requesting: Borat AdBoards!

    Can someone make them? You know them who was shown when Robinson missed the ball against Croatia? (switching adboards?) .... Would really like to have them! ;)
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    The search-function!

    PLZ make it better!!! If I search for something I find the results thread but it's really hard to look around for it in 100 pages! Do so I can find the result directly! :rolleyes: PLZ FIX THIS!!! :boohoo:
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    How do I import kits that is not in the game?

    GK, 3:rd and training? With the DB editor? Or? I've tried to duplicate the kit in the DB but it didn't worked to import GK team with Kit Raptor. Can someone PLZ tell me exactly how to do? I've tried to search but couldn't find a better explanation then the one by Clickymouse in Sundsvalls...
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    Helsingborgs IF homestadium Olympia!

    It's Bayern_HE and and me (DENMHIF) on the forum who is making this stadium, finally Helsingborgs IF (HIF) stadium Olympia in Helsingborg will be in a football-game! you can follow the development here and on (in the forum) and...
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    How to make stadiums to FIFA 2007???

    Hi every FIFA-fan! I wonder how to make stadiums to FIFA 2007? if you can use 3ds Max? or any directx-modelling? or what other programs? how can you export stadiums when they are finished to FIFA 2007? Any tutorial maybe? A quick answer would be very nice! :ewan: Thanks!
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    Stadium Patch?

    This letter have i sent to I saw your really good stadium patches to FIFA 2006 and i really want you to make a patch for FIFA 2007: Olympia in Helsingborg, the homestadium for Helsingborgs IF. Pictures of the stadium...
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    Is Henrik "Henke" Larsson in Helsingborgs IF in FIFA 2007?

    Well it's a question i want to have an answer on;-) And if Luton Shelton and Franco Miranda also are in HIF?